Tyler’s Tribe: Pulmonary Hemorrhage, Pulmonary Hemorrhage, Pulmonary Hemorrhage

Tyler’s Tribe has, over the course of his young “career,” been very successful. In fact, he “won” his first five races. In the sixth, which happened to be a $1M BC race last Nov 4, TT, at the time just two, was “vanned off” after suffering epistaxis – he bled from his nostrils and, originally, from his lungs. At the time, his owner/trainer, Tim Martin, admitted the bleeding was a 5 on a 1-5 scale. “It was bad,” he said.

In TT’s very next race, Dec 9 at Oaklawn, this, according to Martin, happened: “He was looking pretty good, and [when] he stopped, I was like, ‘Uh oh, something happened.’ When she pulled him up, he had blood in his nose.” Yep, bled again. And still only two.

Apparently sensing that this wasn’t a good look, Martin held TT back over the winter. He returned on Mar 30, again at Oaklawn, and while there was no report of him bleeding, he finished second-to-last, 16 lengths back. Then, Saturday. In a $150K race, the now 3-year-old was a “DNF – returned bleeding.” What more can I add?

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  1. Remember the woman’s son who bred this gelding, went off on Joy…I believe it was on twitter. He was a real gem 😒. These racing apologists are low class hillbilly scum.

    • *the Mother bred*. I worded that where it could be misconstrued. Woman’s son was attacking loudmouth after so much criticism, after Breeders Cup.

  2. For the owner/trainer, Tim Martin, to rate the degree of bleeding from the lungs and nostrils of TYLER’S TRIBE as a 5 on a scale of 1 to 5 suggests to me that this die-hard horse-abuser has had a lot of experience with young, underdeveloped colts bleeding from Exercise Induced Pulmonary Hemorrhaging. What is even worse is that he doesn’t care about the horse’s suffering. Evidently, Tim Martin “gets (his jollies) off” on the sight of the blood of horses.

  3. I’ll add this; Tyler’s Tribe was treated w/ Lasix in all 5 of his starts prior to his BC race. Since Lasix wasn’t permitted for the BC Juvenile Turf Sprint, his “connections” KNOWINGLY raced a bleeder w/o the Lasix. What did they THINK would happen?

    Since then, Tyler’s Tribe has raced on Lasix. And he STILL bleeds.

    Such “love”, right?

    • The RACING Commissioners/ Stewards appear to have NO SECOND THOUGHTS about allowing horses with a history of Exercise Induced Pulmonary Hemorrhage to be entered and forced to run in competition, but they do have a rule in some jurisdictions about the use of Lasix. Using Lasix is a big enough deal that it IS NOT ALWAYS allowed in racehorses, but running a horse that bleeds IS (ALWAYS) ALLOWED in this egregiously barbaric industry. This is an example of the sadistic indifference to the horses.
      If these people had a sudden attack of conscience or scruples, they would be ashamed of themselves.

  4. To say there are no rules to protect even the extremely serious bleeders from such blatant abuse is unconscionable.
    This poor horse’s lungs will never recover from these bleeds.
    I can’t imagine how he was struggling to breathe, scared and drowning in his own blood.
    Tim Martin, your horse is totally dependent on you for everything. He is voiceless and helpless.
    You not only failed him, you deliberately destroyed him. That is so cruel.

  5. The owners of these horses should be ashamed of themselves to allow their horses to suffer so much from their injuries resulting in death. If I had horses, I would treat them as members of the family. The racing of horses should end!

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