Crazy Dreams Confirmed Killed at Golden Gate Yesterday

Crazy Dreams has been confirmed dead after breaking down – as the result of a “bad step,” they say – in the 8th at Golden Gate yesterday. He was three years old.

This is horseracing.

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  1. Whatever the injuries to CRAZY DREAMS were, they had to have been very INTENSELY painful and life-threatening to the horse for the California Horse Racing Board not to have allowed the horse to be hauled off the grounds of Golden Gate Killing Fields, I believe.
    Otherwise, they could have at least pretended that the horse was okay, nothing to worry about, nothing to get excited about. Just another day of abusing horses and sweeping the fatalities under the rug as much as possible in California.

  2. I’m gonna guess that the (high-integrity, super-transparent) CHRB isn’t too pleased with staff at the San Francisco Chronicle for publishing Crazy Dreams’ kill confirmation this afternoon. The esteemed Board has become exceedingly adept at keeping these matters hush-hush — and they don’t like it when someone else states the obvious before they can give their “official” account.
    (Of course, nobody is more bothered by The Chronicle’s admission than the Stronachs; it was GGKF’S biggest Stakes Day, so they were hoping this kill would simply be Lost in the Fog.)

  3. Just another pitiful day of racing and another tragic death – the rich always come out ahead and the poor horses take the brunt of the abuse. So sad for so many of these beautiful horses. There is no point in any of these cities that host these horrible races trying to pretend everything is ok and under control – it is so far from the truth. The horses are abused daily and no one involved with them gives a shit – it is all about the god damn almighty dollar.

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