Derby Horse Wild On Ice Killed at Churchill This Morning

Wild On Ice has been euthanized after breaking down while training at Churchill this morning. If his name sounds familiar it’s because he was slated for the Kentucky Derby next week (which, of course, explains the coverage in the racing rags).

Apparently oblivious to his own complicity, owner Frank Sumpter told the El Paso Times: “Wild On Ice gave us so many great moments. He’ll forever be remembered. It’s a sad situation.” Indeed it is, Mr. Sumpter. Indeed it is.

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  1. Seriously “breaking down” – WTF is wrong with you people and you call yourselves horse people – f*ck you have no clue about horses. Your training methods are barbaric and as always the horses suffer from your lack of knowledge and care from you owners and so called trainers. This is just another sad day involved with the horse racing that should have already been shut down years ago!!!

  2. Horse racing itself is the sad situation. All those heartfelt condolences to Wild On Ice’s connections today, while yesterday’s racing kill of poor Wolfe County at Keeneland goes entirely ignored by the industry and the racing press. (Keep sending out your selective sorrow, horse-killing enablers. Eventually you’ll have no more victims to eulogize.)

    • Kelly, wait til you read the horse killers/apologists comments on horseracingnation. Nobody would care or give a rats ass if any of those people were killed. But, I can GUARANTEE those loser fuck-ups that support this evil murders of innocent animals, there are Billions of us Animal Lovers, who get much more upset about unnecessary killing of horses. Go “f” yourselves you apologists of Animal Abuse. They can’t face the TRUTH that nobody would care if they(scumbag losers) kicked the bucket. Most decent compassionate people hate seeing ANIMALS die.

  3. One of the really disgusting aspects of the racing industry is that they only emphasize or publicize what’s going on with the top Stakes earners, the Grade I, II, & III LEVEL earners, because that’s where the “big money” is and it’s evident that money is their ‘god’ in this industry.
    Yeah, these pseudo-horsemen always say what the horse gave them. This horse, WILD ON ICE, “gave us some great moments” and what did they give the horse?
    These rich pseudo-horsemen always neglect to say what they did for the horse/s that they run to death. It’s obvious enough what they gave to this horse and all the rest of the horses killed. They gave him lots of ABUSE and BRUTALITY and CRUELTY and finally, they gave him DEATH.

  4. “Forever be remembered”? I doubt it. The horse you had a hand in destroying won’t even stay in your mind past tomorrow – unless you’re looking at your wallet and thinking about the money you could’ve made off of his servitude and misery.

  5. Horse racing needs to end. The murder of these beautiful animals is beyond my comprehension and I totally agree with every other remark posted here. May the owners get what they gave to the poor souls to the millionth fold.

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