“Flipped in Gate, Became Stuck Underneath It”

Notes from the stewards at Keeneland last week…

“Lamasco arrived in the paddock with blood in her nostrils from a possible injury – scratched.”

“The claim of Longshadow was voided when horse was placed on Vet’s List.”

“The claim of Lady With a Cause was voided when horse was placed on Vet’s List.”

“Pearse was pulled up and required the assistance of the horse ambulance.”

“The claim of Jeeper was voided when horse was placed on Vet’s List.”

“Tapage was injured in the starting gate and scratched.”

“Green Up finished third and bled.”

“Reckoning Force returned lame and required the assistance of the horse ambulance.”

“Zapple was injured in the paddock and scratched.”

“Devious Stares was injured, required the assistance of the horse ambulance, and released to private vet.”

And finally: “There was a 10-minute delay when Jubilant Joanie flipped in the starting gate, became stuck underneath it, and required the horse ambulance. The horse suffered several serious lacerations and was transported to a Lexington clinic.”

This is horseracing.

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  1. JUBILANT JOANIE and so many other horses injured by the racing industry could possibly be the bread and butter of the Lexington clinc (which is sickening to say the least).

    Most horses will need certain types of veterinary care at certain times in their lives as a matter of routine.
    .However, this ABUSE and brutality (that racehorses are subject to and the inevitable serious bodily INJURIES inflicted on horses by these “licensed” Animal Abusers masquerading as horsemen) does necessitate veterinary care that goes far beyond the average needs of any horse that is not being subject to such horrendous CRUELTY as horseracing.

    Racehorses inevitably need veterinary care that would not ever be needed by horses owned by those who who do not subject their horses to such heinous CRUELTY.
    Racing is abuse and brutality against horses! It is unnecessary and not HORSEMANSHIP at all.
    It must be stopped.

  2. The starting gate was said to be one of the best or greatest inventions (for racing) or some b******* like that. It serves the purpose of making it WORSE for the horses. The person or people who manufactures and supplies the racetracks with this torture device makes money. It’s easier in some ways for the human beings to operate their s*** show all for the intent of what? Making money, abusing horses, keeping records of time and distance the horses are forced to run, for the wagering handle and the gamblers…? Maybe it reduces some of the whining about something not being fair. Fair to whom? The Abusers, the so-called horsemen, the gamblers. Who would think it was not fair to have a walking start or running start? I wasn’t around way back when, when they didn’t have starting gates, so I don’t know about all the whining and bickering and crap that went on then because of not having a “fair” start. You know that was a “thing” then. Why else would they think the invention of the starting gate was so great…?!

  3. If these assholes knew anything about what they were doing and we all know that they don’t – it doesn’t matter what you want a horse to do – the minute that you know longer have control over your own emotions and I mean quietly – you have already lost the horse – horses function in calmness not with people out of control, shouting, hitting the animal, etc – these animals are flight animals and of course just another thing that these ignorant bastards know nothing about – OMG I wish these f*cking tracks would all just shut down – look at the list of bullshit shown here today – give it up you bastards you have no clue – it is just so sad that the animal pays for your ignorance.

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