Two Horses Killed in Same Race at Gulfstream Today

Equibase’s account of today’s 6th at Gulfstream: “STRONG SILENT was steadied but lost the rider while stumbling trying to jump a fallen foe just before the eighth pole, and was euthanized. LIONESSOFBRITTANY fell just before the eighth pole, and was euthanized.” That’s two horses killed – in the same race. Then this: “The stewards held an inquiry to look at the stretch run and no action was taken.” And worse, the racing, as I write, continues. The depravity of these people knows no bounds.

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  1. Heart wrenching and so disturbing!!!! 💔💔💔💔
    When is this cruelty going to end?!

  2. Gulfstream Park, Race 14 will be simulcast from Argentina. There are 16 horses entered. That’s almost as bad as the Kentucky Derby.

  3. Damn it, HISA! Will you PLEASE stop with your “Safety” measures already?? I honestly don’t believe the racing industry can survive any more of your Horse Protection Protocols;(

  4. The 2 most horrific snap both front legs off, have both been Gulfstream. First was Bo Derek(horse), then this one today. Mother ******* WHAT is it gonna take?!(you ugly humans who support this shitshow)?

  5. How do these people sleep at night or look themselves in the mirror in the morning?

  6. The type of people in this racket (owners,trainers,breeders,all other assorted scumbags who draw paychecks from this cruelty) want it to continue….so they don’t have to try and go out and get a REAL JOB). There’s an absolute name for these type of humans….it’s called LAZY. *F* them all 😡.

    • Lazy is too mild of a name for these morally depraved horse-abusing, horse-doping, horse-killing heartless scumbag heathens that think their poop doesn’t stink. They set the bar lower than a snake’s belly for themselves; their standards are so low.

  7. Well obviously the inquiry was a f*cking joke like all of the rest of them. When the hell is this brutal sport ever ever going to end. The horses suffer so greatly at the hands of these losers. There are definitely no safety measures in place at any of these god damn race tracks, those are just words that some of these bastards think sound great but mean absolutely nothing. Christ Almighty people – 2 horses dead in the same race – f*ck there is just no excuse for any of this. It needs to end and all of these assholes need to go home, stay home, never own any more horses – EVER!! The world just does NOT need horse racing and it does not need the abusers that are involved in it.

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