When Causing Welts Is Within Commission Guidelines

A recent ruling from Hoosier Park, a harness track in Indiana: “While driving No. 7 Fashion Baby in race 8 on Apr 1, driver Jordan Ross did cause welts while whipping the horse. Mr. Ross is fined $200.” Then this: “Penalty was mitigated because Mr. Ross was within the IHRC whipping guidelines.” Causing welts is “within Commission guidelines”? Fashion Baby “won,” by the way, so I suppose those welts were worth it.

And from Louisiana: “Eric Reyes was fined $100 for excessive use of his whip during the post parade at Louisiana Downs on Mar 10.” Excessive whipping – in post parade.

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  1. Seriously what kind of fines are $100.00 and $200.00????? These 2 bastards should have the shit beat out them with their own whips. WTF is wrong with people – always the abuse – never the caring towards the horses. This is a god damn joke just another slap on the wrists for these animal abusers. Until fines and penalties fit the actual crimes of abuse none of this will ever ever end. It should be an eye for an eye!!!!

  2. Anytime I read about a human scumbag horse-abuser leaving welts on a horse, I always think how these people should be tied to a post so they can’t get away from it and then whipped until they get welts. Let the horse-abusing scumbag see how that feels. Let the human scumbag feel the pain! The scumbags of horseracing deserve their own “medicine” but horseracing needs to be banned completely.

  3. Horseracing and everyone involved with it are sick and wrong! I wouldn’t wipe my feet on them.

  4. The very fact that they need “whipping guidelines” says it all.

  5. For those people that insist a horse has thick skin and doesn’t feel a whip strike, I would remind them that a horse can feel a FLY land on their skin, and it has been scientifically documented that horses have a greater number of nerve endings under their skin per square inch than humans do.
    And then there’s the psychological damage done when a horse is struck -no wonder so many race horses crash through rails, into walls, and even each other as they try desperately to escape the parasitic predator flailing away on their back or behind them in their blind spot.
    The racing industry is comprised of nothing but parasites, animal abusers, and sadists who enjoy their little god trip by inflicting pain on an animal that can’t – or won’t – fight back.

    • I could not begin to count how many times over the years that I have seen first-hand horses and ponies wiggle their skin where a fly landed on them. In the parts of their bodies where they can’t wiggle their skin to help make the fly get off, they switch their tails, shake their heads and, in the case of bot flies, lift their leg and stomp the ground to get the bot fly off of their leg.
      These scumbag horse-abusers know that the whip hurts. If it didn’t hurt, there would be no point in using a whip on a horse.
      These scumbag horse-abusers are sadistic and there is nothing they deserve more than their own medicine AND to be banned from ever being allowed to be near a horse for the rest of their scumbag lives.

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