Video of Master of the Ring

A reader sent me this clip of Master of the Ring’s fall/death yesterday at Keeneland. The announcer: “Oh…awkward move. Awkward move for Master of the Ring.” Vile.

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  1. YouTube “removed” the video. How shameful these “sensor” police want to control our lives. I’m sure it’s truly ugly, but so are they for protecting this vile and inhumane ‘sport??.

  2. “awkward move” — is that all he can say? — this is continuous heartbreak — if only people would stop attending these horror shows — we must continue to spread the news of the cruel evil of this racket — it will permeate and germinate in peoples’ brains and hearts — STOP ATTENDING — SHUT DOWN all races and tracks.

    • Horses have brought in thousands of dollars to the state of Kentucky. They should be revered there and across the world rather than brutalized.

  3. There were 3 across the track towards the end. The #1 horse”won” the race but was disqualified to last of the entries because of the inquiry into the fatal accident.

  4. He seemed like he was trying to pull him off the inside has his head facing grandstans. HORSE WOULDNT GO. SURE LOOLED LIKE HE WAS TRYING TO GIVE HIM SOME SPACE. THAT WAS A NASTY WRECK. :'(
    Run free Master of the Ring. .

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