Horse Dies at Gulfstream; Next Race Up

The 7th at Gulfstream yesterday, according to Racing’s official recordkeeper Equibase: “Singing the Oldies fell around the 3/8 pole, and was euthanized.” That’s it. That’s all her life and death were worth. In addition, the chartwriter noted: “No changes were made after the stewards held an inquiry to look at the race proceedings.” The “proceedings.” And even worse, Gulfstream, as is almost always the case, continued on with the day’s activities, running two more races without so much as a moment of silence. That’s how much they care about their “athletes.” Singing was three years old.

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  1. She was in the lead for the most part of race. Pushed to the limits and just disappeared out of the camera range. Just push them to the limits so you’ll win your jock of the week award.

  2. This is horseracing: treating young and underdeveloped colts and fillies as though they were fully developed and matured adult horses and if that wasn’t bad enough, treat them like they were machines. It’s a crime against the horses and against humanity. This is a subculture that inherently mistreats horses. It must be stopped!

  3. Just another day of sadness from this horrible industry. Not a second thought about the death of this poor 3 year old – you bastards are just the worst animal offenders. It doesn’t stop every day another tragic story of the loss of another beautiful animal all done in the name of “money” for you ignorant f*ckers.

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