Students in Ireland Say No to Horseracing

At University College Cork in Ireland, the Students’ Union has voted to ban advertising for “student [horse] race days” because, primarily, it “promotes animal abuse.” While students will still be able to patronize racing, the Union will no longer promote, or sell tickets to, it. The Union president told NewsTalk that while they have not promoted racing in years, it was important “to have a concrete position on it.”

What makes me love this action even more is the initial impetus for it: The students reasoned that since there already existed a ban on the promotion of greyhound racing, why should the equine variety be treated any differently. Yes, exactly. And thank you. Bringing it back home, dogracing in America is all but dead, with just two tracks left and dogracing prohibited on moral grounds in 42 states. All we seek is a measure of consistency. In other words, follow the young people. They get it.

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  1. There is a site from the UK called Race Horse Death Watch. They report the details of horse deaths there. Quite a bit of the reporting is the barbaric Steeplechase which is run practically daily in the UK.

  2. The beauty of the Irish Thoroughbred is magnificent, in my opinion.
    It is a great thing for college students in Ireland to understand that these beautiful horses should not be subject to the abuse inherent to horseracing. May God bless them for taking a stand against the racing of horses and dogs.

  3. I am glad dog racing is al but dead.

    The abuse those dogs receive is reprehensible, but the owners are generally living high on life.

    Now, if there is anything I can do to help stop horse racing, please let me know.

  4. This is AWESOME news! I must say it doesn’t surprise me though…my old high school sweetheart’s daughter went over there after graduating University, and loved it so much, she never came back to the states.

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