Lexcellent Dead at Golden Gate

2-year-old Lexcellent died at Golden Gate Saturday – no cause given. She was last raced Feb 24 (though she did have a timed workout a week prior to dying).

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  1. At 2 years old, she shouldn’t even be raced at all. Racing is abusive treatment of horses and it needs to be recognized as the barbarism that it is!
    ANOTHER Section 1902.5.Animal Welfare Code violation here!

  2. When will this abuse ever ever end? She was a god damn 2 year old – she belonged at home not anywhere near a f*cking race track. She was a baby – her bones not even developed. You ignorant f*ckers involved in this horse racing are the ones that should all be “put down” – you aren’t worth the air you breathe – f*ck all of you!!!

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