1-Year-Old Among 8 More Kills in New Mexico

More deaths uncovered in New Mexico last year:

Athenian Warrior, Jan 23, Sunland S – “colic” (two, unraced)
Deans Flash, Jan 31, Sunland T – “fractured sesamoid” (just one year old)
Victory Jazz, Feb 15, Sunland T – “fractured shoulder”
Apollimoon, Mar 1, Sunland S – “colic, died [not euthanized]” (two, unraced)
War Wounds, Mar 1, Sunland T – “fetlock collapse”
Kate’s Warrior, Mar 26, Sunland R – “head trauma”
Red River Running, Apr 1, Sunland S – “colic, died [not euthanized]” (two, unraced)
Portugueseprincess, Apr 15, Sunland S – “pneumonia”

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  1. Riding a YEARLING at all even at a standstill or a walk is an UNTHINKABLE thing to do to a colt or a filly that was brought into this world for even just pleasure riding. To ride a yearling is egregiously abusive and cruel in and of itself, but to force any yearling to GALLOP and to force the young and underdeveloped colt or filly to RUN at top speed is the most demented, detestable, despicable, degenerate, vomit-worthy, moronic, morally depraved and evil thing that any vile creep could do to young and underdeveloped baby horses.
    It reminds me of “to kill a mockingbird” because it is so very, very, very wrong.
    If it wasn’t for these morally depraved horse-abusing, horse-doping, horse-killing human beings, there would not be this grotesquely evil thing called horseracing!

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