3-Year-Old Dead at Santa Anita Today

The CHRB says that Midnight Vow, three, died at Santa Anita today. While the Board offered nothing more (it’s “pending”), I can tell you she was slated to be raced Friday.

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  1. Race 3 on Friday. It’ll be interesting what the excuse is on the card.”Scratched”. This horse won the last 2 races and was absolutely gorgeous. It’s incredible this travesty continues.

  2. It’s absolutely heartbreaking and soul shattering to constantly be looking up information on horses who have been killed by racing and who I personally would not even have known existed until reading Horseracing Wrongs. The reality of this horrid abuse and brutality against horses must be publicized far and wide. It must become public knowledge by the vast majority of the human population that this industry consists of multiple groups of lying, cheating Animal Welfare Code violating thugs! The Horsemen’s Benevolent and Protective Associations are made up of horse-abusing, horse-doping, horse-killing thugs!

  3. I often think about how humans became so callus to the precious life of an animal. If they are tired of them or don’t want the responsibility or the animal doesn’t fill their pockets, it’s disposed of like trash. I continue to speak out for animals and with the information provided here, I tell people the real truth of horse racing from the horses perspective and share all the graphic images. I want to stop people from attending race tracks and feeding this greedy, evil beast of a so called sport.

  4. It’s just amazing how the torturous lives and deaths of these many gorgeous horses is just considered normal by horse racing boards, owners, trainers and spectators, none of whom feel one bit of shame or disgust with themselves for the crimes they constantly commit, allow and support. If I were Goddess, they would either heal from their ignorant, greedy cruelty or get the hell off this planet — pronto!

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