Video of Autism Ability

Video of Autism Ability’s “sudden death” at Los Al yesterday:

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  1. Think I probably shouldn’t hit play on this one. Racing “fans” on Twitter said it looked awful…right before they happily returned their attention to the all-important NEXT race at Los Al Horse Hell.
    If anyone here has the stomach for it, please advise. Thanks.

    • Kelly, Wanda’s response gives the story exactly so no need for you to view the video.

      • Nancy, thank you. I personally am the type of person who, for whatever reason, imagines things to be worse than the reality if I don’t see the reality for myself. That is NOT to say that the reality isn’t horrible, because the reality is definitely horrible! It’s just that seeing at least part of what happened stops my imagination from going hog wild, one might say.

        There are still unanswered questions in my mind about the actual split-second by split-second occurrence of the catastrophic breakdown of this horse named AUTISM ABILITY. Also, there are many questions in my mind about what happened to him leading up to his DNF race on April 2, 2023; and if he was actually “fit” to finish a race.
        I see in the Equibase information that he sold at auction for Twenty-Five Hundred Dollars as a long yearling (almost 2-year-old) in January of 2020. (By racing standards, he was considered a Two-year-old, of course, since he was born on February 7, 2018.)
        His race record shows a huge gap that causes me to wonder why they didn’t keep him racing every month last year. I can only assume that he suffered some type of injury during or after his race on May 28, 2022. He was not raced again in 2022. That’s a big gap for what these morally depraved people expect of the horses that they exploit for racing, as you know.
        This appears to be a case of “send him out to die on the racetrack” and let the chips fall where they may. (No pun intended as horses are considered gambling chips.) This is absolutely another case of violating Section 1902.5.Animal Welfare (in California).
        But do you think any human being will suffer any consequences for it?
        It would be more like: boo hoo, boo hoo (maybe) and Thoughts and Prayers (maybe) and then without missing a beat, NEXT equine victim; thank you very much.

  2. And we are putting up with this EVIL bulls**t for what?!!!!! This country 😒…it’s people are not right in the head.

  3. The video view is from a distance away from the inside rail so that when the horse starts to go down, it almost looks like maybe he had a breakdown in the rear limbs. (The chart says that he took a bad step and was vanned off.)
    All of this happens so fast and the rail is obstructing the view of most of the body including the horse’s limbs. It’s hard to tell if he had any broken limbs or not. Since the information is limited as to what is written about the sudden-falling-to-the-ground-death of AUTISM ABILITY, I can only wonder, like a lot of other people, what drugs and how much were injected into this horse.

    The main thing is that the horse fell catastrophically to the ground in a horse race and that he is a casualty of this glorified horse-killing shit-show. This industry full of “glorified” animal abusers killed him but this industry wants everyone to be stupider-than-sticks and think that it is a big mystery that will never be solved so why even try??? Just forget about it and move on. Just forget about the horse and find the next one you can bet on so these greedy animal abusers can continue to pretend like what they do is okay. Causing harm and death to the horses is not okay! These people who own these racetracks should be arrested for Animal Cruelty and the senseless, ruthless killings of racehorses. Los Alamitos racecourse should be shut down.

    • Wanda, you and I have been on this HRW for a long time now…and we see eye to eye on the many issues. Your opinions are always spot on and researched.

      • Speaking of research, I forgot to check for Mixed Stats. It shows that AUTISM ABILITY was raced in October of 2021 and also on March 26, 2023 at Los Alamitos Quarter Horse. Under TB Stats, he was raced at Los Alamitos Quarter Horse as well. That still leaves a huge gap between May 28, 2022 and March 26, 2023. He finished 4th in a four horse race on March 26th; trailed, never a factor.
        He could have been retired to a sanctuary if his connections cared to let him live out his life in a more normal way. But, no, send him out to die in a race, because that’s what greedy horse-killers do.

        • I agree that horses should have a chance to live out their lives in a sanctuary as they retire. This is so unfair to subject these horses to such cruelty, abuse,and death. The owners of these horses are horrible greedy monsters!

  4. I wonder what families dealing with autism would think of the name some a**wipe gave to this poor, defenseless animal. Cheap shot if you ask me.

    • There are quite a few horses with “autism” in their names, the owners did it to “honor” autism.

  5. That is just sick…keep on talkin about the other horses because the race must go on. The more I see the more and more I am disgusted

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