2-Year-Old Killed at Turf Wednesday

Nicos Clave 7 is dead after falling in the 1st at Turf Wednesday. A witness says it was particularly horrific, which of course explains why the cowards at Turf struck the replay. Nicos was two; ’twas his third time under the whip.

This is horseracing.

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  1. Another horrific unnecessary death. Each one is heartbreaking and tragic. Why can’t these deaths be stopped? I stand with all trying to end the sickening abuse which is horse racing !

  2. Another day of this bullshit horse racing and another “baby” dies – one like so many 2 years olds that should have been at home and no where near a god damn race track. These poor horses aren’t old enough to even have their bones developed – what the hell is wrong with these losers that own these poor horses, the trainers that are useless and the vets who are just as bad are the owners. These racing commissions are a joke beyond belief – this horse racing needs to be stopped at what-ever cost – the number of horses lost daily is so unbelievable and so unnecessary. Shame on all of you bastards that are involved in the abuse of these horses.

  3. Oh, Turf Paradise?? The place that shouldn’t even be racing because of so many safety concerns and a lack of veterinarians to safely overlook the horses?? THAT turf paradise?? They just keep going without consequences… this is horse racing…

  4. This is not to say there are any safe or good venues in horse racing but some are worse than others. Arizona qualifies for top “honors” in the worst of the worst category. I find it particularly disgusting!

    • Agreed. All the other horse-killing tracks cycle through their “death spikes,” usually taking turns at being Worst of the Worst. But not Arizona (and New Mexico…and Parx). They are the standard by which all others are measured; the rest of them really have to work at it to achieve their high level of horse-mangling consistency.

      • So true Kelly,but, there is NO evil like new york evil. Especially todd and roly poly repole.

  5. Why don’t you ask New Yorkers how much bribery dollars repole,and no chin todd, have given to Governor Hochal. You should be able to publish that information.Just sayin….? #Transparency

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