Colt Thrashes in Gate at Sunland Derby; Announcer Thinks It’s Funny

Below is 3-year-old One in Vermillion prior to the $600K Sunland Derby at Sunland Park yesterday. You’ll note that the “vet check” prompted by Vermillion’s thrashing in the gate lasted all of three seconds. You’ll also note that while normal – read: rational and compassionate – people see a terrified child equine being forced to do something he clearly does not want to do, the announcer sees a “very excited” horse who – insert laughter here – is “throwing quite a fit.” Vermillion, by the way, finished second-to-last, 13 lengths back – “never fired,” said the chartwriter.

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  1. This is sad and terrible. Not something to laugh about ! The poor baby will probably be mistreared.

  2. The announcer is as ignorant at these owners, trainers, vets basically all of the f*ckers involved in this brutal horse racing – just another waste of skin human. The poor horses suffer daily at the hands of all of these bastards. It needs to be shut down forever!!

  3. Even pro racing folks found this to be terrible incompetence on the vet’s and steward’s parts. Well, except a character on twitter by the name of “Zimmer”, who said everyone that thought this was wrong is a “liberal snowflake”. He seemed to think there was nothing wrong with this.

    • Those who use labels such as “liberal snowflake” are just mouthpieces and probably never “guilty” of an original thought!
      Most people think for themselves and find animal cruelty abhorrent.

  4. ONE IN VERMILLION rearing up so high in the starting gate reminds me of the videos of the unregulated races.
    Since the “regulated” side of this horse-abusing, horse-doping, horse-killing industry pays lip service to “caring” about the welfare of the horses, it would seem logical to have scratched him.
    But, no, it’s more logical to force the young and underdeveloped colt to run in a race when you are a group of money-grubbing, horse-abusing, horse-doping, horse-killing heathens.

  5. How do the owners profit if so many horses are killed or maimed? Is it easy/cheap to replace the horses? A plague on all their profits, and on them.

  6. Yes, that’s so funny, I just laughed and laughed. What a putz. Is there someplace I could make a small donation for your work?

    • According to the report, it was 3 (three) seconds. What are the requirements for passing a “vet exam” after rearing up high in the starting gate in a Stakes race?
      Was the track veterinarian paid to pass any horse entered into the starting gate (and therefore of a financial interest to the gamblers and the wagering handle) that could still walk and not be dripping with blood??? I think so.

  7. Not seeing this incident from both sides and the back, the vet should have conducted a more thorough exam. I fear we may read about this poor horse in the not-too-distant future and it won’t be good. The vet, the announcer and every single person responsible for this poor horse’s fear-driven actions should be admonished in some way or another. I’m appalled.

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