Vezpa Killed at Turfway

In the $250,000 Latonia Stakes at Turfway yesterday, Vezpa “went wrong” and was subsequently “vanned off.” That, many of you surely know, is the Kentucky chartwriters’ go-to euphemism for dead. And indeed the six-year-old from Brazil is.

Killing its “athletes” every day – this is horseracing.

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  1. How do we stop the murders?
    This is so sickening!
    My heart is breaking for all these beautiful majestic horses…all in the name of human pathetic greed! Any human apart of the racehorse industry is not human…they are nothing more than demons …

  2. Yes, went wrong. As if it’s his/her fault.
    Forced into a sick life of servitude.
    The owners, trainers, jockeys et al.WENT
    Wrong and, by Choice; continue to abuse and kill innocent animals.

  3. My brother still watches horse racing, even when I show him the awful things that are happening. That’s why I watched it live. It was awful. And they tried to hide it too, like usual.

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