Saltwater Gypsy Killed at Oaklawn Yesterday

In the 9th at Oaklawn yesterday, Saltwater Gypsy, said the chartwriter, “fell after the wire and was vanned off.” In fact, I have confirmed, she is dead, and according to my source, she died right there on the track. Saltwater was two years old.

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  1. Quite the destructive day of racing, as usual, especially in the steeplechase world…

  2. So Much much much evil!
    Something must put a stop to this nasty show..

  3. Patrick, in the Latonia Stakes yesterday there was a horse yesterday named Vespa who tripped and threw the jock. It didn’t look too good for the poor mare. Do you know anything about her whereabouts?

  4. Again another 2 year old dead at the track. WTF is wrong with people and why was this poor horse even there – just another “baby” subjected to more abuse and killed off – JHC can this just never be stopped – no animal should be subjected to this horrible act of violence. The people involved in this bullshit have absolutely no love for horses – it’s just about the god damn almighty dollar – like always – f*ck I hate most humans.!!

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