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Through a FOIA request to the California Horse Racing Board, I have obtained the following details on 6 of that state’s 64 kills last year (previous ones here).

Kazuhiko, Nov 11, Del Mar R
“Ataxia, sudden death on way back to barn after being pulled up during race: severe hemorrhages involving both lungs, abundant bloody froth in airways.” Also: “large numbers of hemosiderophages suggest previous bouts of pulmonary hemorrhage.” And, of course: “chronic ulcers/erosions in stomach.” Kazuhiko was five years old.

Coast of Roan, Nov 13, Del Mar R
“Horse became ataxic, collapsed and died spontaneously on main track: arterial rupture.” Also: “Horse had history of pulmonary hemorrhage during last start.” Coast was six years old.

Majestic Sam, Nov 19, Santa Anita T
“[Multiple] complete, displaced fractures; [multiple] ligament and tendon ruptures.” Also: “palmar osteochondral disease [both forelimbs]; stomach ulceration.” Majestic was just two years old and had yet to be raced.

yet-to-be-named 2-year-old, Nov 28, Golden Gate S
“Bilateral atrioventricular valvular dysplasia with congestive heart failure.” Again, so young she didn’t even have a name yet. Congestive heart failure.

Javelina Cantina, Dec 3, Los Alamitos R
“Collapsed while walking back to the barn post race and died – cause not apparent.” Also: “chronic stomach ulceration.” Javelina was five years old.

Sugar Girl, Dec 10, Los Alamitos R
“Horse unseated rider post parade, ran loose, flipped over outside rail, ran into barn area, and collapsed. Recumbent, agonal, died spontaneously: [multiple – at least nine] catastrophic rib fractures; [fractured bones caused] multiple tears in lung, heart, and diaphragm; severe hemothorax; several muscles ruptured.” Also: “multiple roundworms observed in intestine.” Sugar was just two; this was to be her first race.

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  1. Abhorrent animal cruelty in the horseracing industry is a fact.
    Irrefutable evidence here on Horseracing Wrongs and elsewhere.
    Ask any person who has worked hands on with the racehorses and walked away from the industry in disgust.

  2. Great horsemanship! That horse was not ready for the situation she was put in.
    And multiple roundworms in her intestine speaks to neglect and the likelihood of general incompetence with her training. But this the racing business!
    Poor unfortunate filly.

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