Bank On Shea Dead at Belmont

Bank On Shea, the Gaming Commission reports (belatedly again), was euthanized at Belmont March 16 – “illness.” Bank was three days shy of turning six. He was in training at Belmont, but hadn’t been raced since last July at Saratoga. He becomes the 1,760th kill at a NYS racetrack since 2009.

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  1. ONE THOUSAND SEVEN HUNDRED AND SIXTY (1,760) defenceless horses who had been purposely bred to race killed by the industry in the state of New York.
    And the New York State Gaming Commission has the gall to put its hand out for more money from the taxpayers of the state of New York to continue its vile industry. Unconscionable.

  2. Yes, but isn’t it great how NYRA tracks have eliminated ALL their Training Fatalities? (Still have a shitload of racing deaths — and a few stall/other kills — but they suddenly have the safest morning workouts in the universe. Good job, NYRA!)

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