Beverly Vista Dead at Santa Anita – 8th Kill There on the Year

The self-styled “safest track in North America” has struck again. Beverly Vista is dead after breaking down at Santa Anita Saturday. Although Beverly was “vanned off” for what we now know was a fatal injury, the chartwriter had added, hopefully (for lower kill numbers, of course), that he “walked into the van.” Beverly was two, and this was his very first race. For safe Santa Anita, this is dead horse #8 – already.

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  2. Absolutely sickening Santa Anita made that poor horse walk, load and ride in a trailer! He should have been euthanized on the track. Have you contacted LA Times about this tracks new PR way of lying about deaths on the track?

    • Glad you mentioned the Los Angeles Times, Kate. They alone have done an absolute about-face in their coverage of the Santa Anita Horse Deaths. As of early last year, their resident blood sport expert, John Cherwa, halted any and all racehorse-fatality reporting — with neither explanation nor apology — for all three Southern California Death Tracks.
      It’s actually kind of painful, seeing every other L.A.-area news source covering all the carnage, while Cherwa and the Times’ “Sports” Desk now launch only an occasional PR puff-piece about the most innocuous and non-controversial “news” about racing.

  3. Again WTF is a 2 year old doing even under saddle – you f*ckers are so ignorant and such animal abusers – you all need to rot in hell. Shame on each and everyone of you bastards.

  4. Here we go. Time for someone to leap in and explain to Patrick that poor Beverly Vista had been three years old, not two. Please save it, horse-killers.

      • Great. Another typical Jockey Clubber. Pretends she can rewrite the calendar to suit her equine abuse schedule. Is there anything about this industry that is not fraudulent and cruel?

  5. Who actually would believe that if you write in the chart that a horse “WALKED INTO THE VAN” AFTER BEING INJURED from being FORCED TO PERFORM IN A RACE that that would lead anyone to believe the horse was okay?
    Does the fact that this BABY THOROUGHBRED needed to be VANNED OFF mean anything to any “racing fan”?
    The horse was one-third of the way to maturity.
    The young, underdeveloped colt was considered a BABY by even the racing industry.
    This is straight-up Animal Cruelty!

  6. Beverly Vista was a 3-year-old colt. No excuse for his untimely demise, just correcting what was stated above.

      • Technicality. It’s late March, so a week or two is insignificant. Race conditions specified three-year-old straight Maidens.

        • Technically, the horse was born less than three years ago, therefore he is two years old.
          You should know the difference between the Universal Birthday used by the industry for their convenience and the Biological Birthday which is the actual Month, Day and Year of birth, Karen Tracy.

        • Racing manipulates everything about the horse including the horse’s age.
          And now Beverly Vista is dead, just one more “technicality” in this business.
          Also, the headline under Horse Racing Mishaps and Fatalities, 19 March, said: “Colt, Beverly Vista, pulled up with leg dangling…” But according to the chartwriter he “walked into the Van”.
          One more “technicality” in this debacle!
          Poor horse.

  7. I agree that this was a horrible act of cruelty inflicted on the horse. The racing of horses must end.

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