5-Year-Old Killed at Mahoning Today

5-year-old Manuka Bobby in the 5th at Mahoning just a bit ago: “broke in front, matched strides for the early lead, suffered a catastrophic injury before the half-mile pole and was euthanized.” Killing beautiful animals every day – this is horseracing.

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  1. It is super stupid, in my opinion, that these racing creeps will continue to do everything they can, in their sadism and greed, to kill off young and underdeveloped colts and fillies and then whine for more money from the government to continue their horse-killing activities.
    The population of Thoroughbreds (New Foal Crop Numbers) declines each year and these barbarians keep killing horses.
    These racing industry barbarians are responsible for causing the EVENTUAL near extinction of the breed whether they have the brains or the guts to admit it or not. Eventually, there won’t be enough Jockey Club registered horses to perform for their sick, perverted, narcissistic, cheap, sadistic thrills. Who are they going to pass the buck to when that time comes???

  2. These poor horses just don’t have a chance at all – they are raised by ignorant bastards and trained by the likes of the same – if you can honestly call it training – I can’t. None of these horses deserve to be put thru all of this horrific abuse – and the “babies” are dead the moment they are born – not a chance for them. WTF is wrong with this world – this horse racing needs to be done away with – the god damn almighty dollar is no justification for what goes on at these tracks. Shame on everyone involved in this brutality. May your death be a long period of much pain you f*ckers don’t deserve anything any better!!!

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