A Collision Kill at Laurel Today

Lady Macho is dead after going down in the 2nd at Laurel this afternoon. She was six; this was her 52nd time under the whip. Poor, poor girl. In that same race, Sheknowsthedrill “struck [her] foe” (Lady, that is) and also went down. No word yet on her status. The Daily Racing Form’s Dan Illman called it a “spill.” He is abhorrent.

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  1. It would not be unreasonable to define ‘spill’ in the context of DRF’s use of the word as

    Sickening Pathetic Indefensible Lurid Loathsome

    because that’s what a ‘spill’ is in the horseracing industry.

  2. I think it’s impossible to find a single member of the racing press who’s NOT abhorrent. They all struggle daily with whether (or not, which nearly always wins out) to report horse fatalities in their “coverage” of races.
    So thanks, Dan Illman, for asking the Laurel Stewards Secrecy Team what became of Lady Macho after she took her “very bad step”/got vanned off, and for actually publicizing the answer. (Though I imagine the head-dinosaurs-in-charge at DRF aren’t happy about it.)

  3. Another horse that was subjected to the cruelty of the 2 year olds in training under tack shows.

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