From “Acting Up” in the Gate to Being Killed on the Track

Shy Bella in the 5th at Charles Town last night: “fell nearing the 1/2 pole…euthanized on the track.” She was three years old. You’ll note in the video that according to the announcer, she was “acting up” in the gate – “acting up,” that is, before dying. Vile.

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  1. SHUT DOWN evil, cruel, depravedly immoral RACKET — It breaks my heart — The Horses don’t stand a chance — it’s ALWAYS them — the blame is always theirs — (what are you going to do !) — SHUT DOWN evil, cruel, depravedly immoral RACKET

  2. Caller says Shy Bella “took a spill there”. Anyone with half a brain can see she broke her front leg and was unable to stand on it, holding it broken. This was happening already when the caller said “she took a spill”. Oh, well, people mustn’t get upset, must they? They shouldn’t hear the “gory details” and ruin their day at the track.
    Another thing: It always kills me to hear the young ages of these dead horses. Shy Bella was only 3 years old. Murdered at three. Who in the racing industry is going to mourn her? She will barely be remembered by them.

  3. It really takes hard-core and blood- thirsty horse-abusers to do that and continue to do it; like, “Oh, well.This is just part of the game. La-tee-da, no big deal. Oh, it might be a little shocking at first but it’s all in a day’s “work” you know.”
    This is what is not so easy to hide from the public at large anymore thanks to modern technology and this advocacy group.
    Blood-thirsty horse racing degenerates think it is “radical” to stop this egregious cruelty to and killing of horses.
    How sadistic do people have to be to continue this atrocity called “Horseracing” and call the banning of CRIPPLING, MAIMING and KILLING horses for racing “radical”???

  4. Not even sure (glamorous, fabulous) Hollywood Casino and Horse-Killing Emporium in Charles Town, West Virginia HAS an equine ambulance. They seem to operate on the principle that all their horse injuries are fatal, anyway. So why pretend to “treat” their victims?
    After following this site for a number of years, I’m starting to see how right they are:(

  5. I have such hate for these racing people who ignore all decency to these animals who are trying to TELL them something is wrong and no one there cares. Something is wrong with the whole damn business and it needs to be shut down.

    • There are SO MANY THINGS WRONG with horseracing! I am in agreement with you and everyone else who believes that the horse racing industry needs to be shut down!
      The horses are OPPRESSED 24 hours a day. The horses are confined to stalls 23 hours a day, 7 days a week. If all the people who ABUSE horses every day (and call it a “sport”) were confined to small spaces for 23 hours a day, it would be called PRISON or JAIL.

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