1 of 16 in Illinois: “Horse Dropped Dead – Severe Pulmonary Hemorrhage”

Through a FOIA request to the Illinois Racing Board, I have confirmed the following kills at that state’s tracks in 2022.

Trustworthy, Apr 30, Fairmount R – “broke down while racing: fractured fetlock”

President Elect, May 28, Hawthorne R (died May 29) – “horse ran May 28; found dead in stall next morning, no definitive cause”

Ghaaleb’s Big Win, Jun 4, Fairmount R – “broke down while racing: fractured fetlock”

Jack N John, Jul 20, Fairmount S – “multifocal hemorrhagic colitis and typhlitis” (12 years old, had been raced 94 times, most recently Jul 9)

Boss Alley, Jul 23, Fairmount S – “gastrointestinal disease, displacement of colon – [just died, not euthanized]”

Sweet Tiramisu, Jul 24, Fairmount S – “flipped in trailer, hind legs and tail paralyzed, euthanized” also: “gastric mucosa is infested by a large colony of bot flies”

Goneghost, Sep 13, Fairmount R – “fell while racing: open, complete cannon fracture”

Archiemyboy, Sep 24, Hawthorne R – “horse pulled up, complete fetlock collapse: [multiple] comminuted fractures, ligament rupture”

State Vet: “The horse was pulled up with LF fetlock touching the ground. Palpation through the bandage gave the impression that both sesamoids had multiple fractures. When taken off track, there appeared to be fluid seeping through the bandages. The horse was humanely euthanized.” Multiple comminuted fractures and ligament rupture, and yet he wasn’t euthanized then and there? Horrific.

Boston Wally, Sep 27, Hawthorne T (euth Sep 28) – “displaced cannon fracture”

Suspect, Oct 2, Hawthorne R – “complete, compound, comminuted fracture”

Moudari, Oct 8, Hawthorne R – “right carpus shattered – transported to designated area and euthanized”

Officer Nick, Oct 18, Hawthorne T – “horse dropped dead: severe pulmonary hemorrhage” (three years old)

U Can Do It, Oct 24, Hawthorne S – “colic [with] impaction”

Hoosier Gold Case, Nov 6, Hawthorne R – “[multiple] fractures and torn ligaments”

Khozie’s Ghost, Dec 9, Hawthorne R (euth Dec 14) – “On Dec 9, horse reared up in gate, twisted around, and went over the back of the gate. The horse was hung up over the gate and struggled for a while until they were able to open the door. The horse was beat up but not showing any symptoms of back trauma until this morning [Dec 14]. The horse had swelling over the back, sat down, and was unable to get up – comminuted vertebral fracture, spinal cord compressed and lacerated. Euthanized.”

Kimberly Frances, Dec 21, Hawthorne T (euth Dec 22) – “complete fracture, significant hemorrhage”

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  1. It never gets any better for the horses. The death reports are a depressing and constant reminder that horse racing is not safe and will never be safe.

    • Spread the word, Autumn. Educate everyone you know about how cruel this industry is, and how we as taxpayers often prop it up. It always amazes me how little people know about racing, first of all, and how abusive it is, especially to the horses, but also to the humans, involved.
      Be vocal on social media, if you are on social media. Be present for protests, if you’re able. Nicole usually sends out lists of when/where the protests will be. Numbers speak volumes, and the more people show up, the better. And lastly, reach out to your local government, especially when there is discussion about funds continuing to be spent on this archaic, abusive, and utterly unnecessary industry.

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