7 More Horses, Including 4 at Belmont, Belatedly Added to NY’s 2022 Death Toll (Now at 98)

Inexplicably, another 7 horses have just recently been added to the NYS Gaming Commission’s 2022 dead-horse list, changing the state’s toll for last year from 91 to 98. In my 10 years, I have never seen anything like it. Even more curious, some go back to last spring. But I suppose we should be grateful they were reported at all.

Hot Latte, Mar 26, Belmont T – “broke down breezing, euthanized due to injuries”

Kid Cash, May 8, Belmont R – “suffered injury, vanned off, [euthanized]”

Mama I’m Home, Jun 30, Belmont S – “cellulitis, euthanized”

Chestnut (probably sic), Oct 3, Saratoga T – “horse euthanized at wire”

Magic Mamba, Oct 9, Belmont T – “sustained injury, euthanized” (two years old)

Along, Nov 7, Saratoga S – “euthanized after being hospitalized three weeks”

Ghost Dance, Nov 14, Yonkers R – “collapsed after race – dead on arrival”

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  1. Ninety-eight racehorses killed by the RACING INDUSTRY in one year in one state; that’s a lot of horses to admit to killing.
    I always think that there are more horses that they didn’t admit to and that they have gotten away with not reporting them, because the people in the RACING INDUSTRY are known for being dishonest, deceitful, selfish, sadistic, GREEDY and that certain horses under certain circumstances such as not yet held prisoner at a racetrack were injured and too lame to continue to exploit as racehorses. Some of those colts and fillies could have been disposed of without the inconvenience of reporting.
    I read several years ago that there was a pit for burying dead race horses at Yakima Meadows in Washington State. I was never there at that racetrack and didn’t see any pictures of this alleged burial pit, but was always horrified at the thought.

  2. My heart breaks — this is evidence enough — From Day 1 Horses are tortured – the outside world does NOT see — but the Horses suffer greatly — SHUT DOWN evil HORSERACING

  3. Exactly: “We should be grateful they were reported at all.”
    Isn’t NY the most “transparent” racing state about their horse kills? (I’m pretty sure all other racing officials must hate them for their death admissions. Same with the folks at the absurdly-titled HISA. They must know how revealing New York’s list is, even for their own horse-killing states.)

    • Yes, pro horse racing person Victoria Keith , interestingly, is also against HISA. 🤔hmmm? Anyone wanting this to continue ….makes me question.

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