26 More Dead Horses in West Virginia

Through a FOIA request to the West Virginia Racing Commission, I have confirmed the following kills at that state’s two tracks last year (this is part 2; part 1 here).

Gavins Boy, Jul 1, Charles Town R (euth Jul 12) – “condylar fracture”
Country Outlaw, Jul 8, Charles Town T (euth Dec 5) – “injured pastern”
Carrier Pigeon, Jul 12, Mount S – reported as “died” (not euth), “colic”
Clean Living, Jul 12, Mount T – reported as “died” (not euth), no cause given
Conservatve Values, Jul 25, Mount R – “died” (not euth) in stall next day, “unknown”
Little Christy, Jul 27, Mount R – “fractured scapula”
Rainbow River, Jul 28, Charles Town S – “toxic”
Gattosing, Aug 11, Charles Town R – “[multiple] fractures” (69th race)
Butterscotchsundae, Aug 13, Charles Town R (euth Aug 15) – “comminuted fracture”
Suzysellsseashells, Aug 30, Charles Town S – “pneumonia, pouch infection”
Heroic Deed, Sep 2, Charles Town R (euth Sep 12) – “fractured carpus”
Azure Fire, Sep 10, Charles Town R – “fractured pastern”
Regal Jordan, Sep 21, Mount S – “colic”
Missionary Work, Sep 25, Mount R – “fractured carpus”
Grecian Admiral, Oct 12, Charles Town R – “[multiple] fractures”
Lillie and Nan, Oct 17, Mount R – “fracture and luxation”
Ultra Rays, Oct 18, Mount T – “fracture and luxation”
Companys Coming, Oct 26, Mount R – “[multiple] fractures”
Orange Fizz, Nov 10, Charles Town T – “fractured shoulder”
Till Then, Nov 13, Mount R – “fracture and luxation”
Devilish Tail, Nov 13, Mount R – “fractured scapula”
Practical Kitty, Nov 22, Charles Town T – “collision”
U Know I B Lion, Nov 23, Charles Town R – “sudden death post-race”
Sharp Missile, Nov 29, Charles Town T – “fractured shoulder” (two years old)
Distortedatthebar, Dec 14, Mount R – “fractured elbow”
Point of an Affair, Dec 21, Charles Town T – “condylar fracture”

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  1. I just read a petition in my mailbox that was for an 11 year old beagle who was kicked to death by a man, it went on to say, it is a FELONY punishable by a few years in PRISON. Well cripes, these people in this meat grinder industry (horse racing), KILL innocent horses EVERY damn day. Why are they not in jail, charged with Multiple FELONIES?!!!

  2. I’m sure you’ve read it already Patrick, Newsday,Long Island’s newspaper where Belmont is located ….surprise, is of course,for the renovation of Belmont . Their reason “it will draw more people to come”🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Keep dreaming. There is no way that’s happening. Must be calming to live with your head in the clouds😁😂🤣.

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