LTE on Golden Gate: “I want this place shut down.”

The following letter appeared yesterday in both the East Bay Times and The San Jose Mercury News. It illustrates, yet again, how much the younger generations get it.

I’m a recent 18-year-old. I’ve lived near Golden Gate Fields my whole life. Until recently, I did not know the cruelty that occurred there. Yesterday, the horse “Big Laugh” was reported to have died. More than a dozen other horses did too in 2022. I’ve lived 18 years with this archaic stain dotting our waterfront. I don’t want concessions. I want this place shut down. The longer it remains, the more lives will be lost for nothing.

Jacob Ahana-LabaKensington

Thank you, Jacob.

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    • Shawn, Frank & Belinda Stronach Knows What Is Going On, But Nothing Happens 2023?

    • Rick – Look At Wes Ward? They Treat Him Like A King A Keeneland? 2023?

      He Wins Lots Of 2 Year Old Races?

      Trainer Wesley Ward has been fined $500 and suspended for 30 days by the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission due to his trainee Averly Jane testing positive for metformin in the $150,000 Kentucky Juvenile Stakes at Churchill Downs on April 28, 2021.

  1. Fortunately, he represents so many, many, young people who are serious animal advocates. I taught at two-year college for many years, and believe me, the majority of young people do not tolerate animal abuse. It gives me hope that horse racing doesn’t stand a chance.

    • Teresa, What About Richard Dutrow, Jr. Coming Back After 10 Years In NY 2023?

      Dutrow had been suspended or fined 72 times by US horse-racing authorities and had admitted regularly administering the steroid Winstrol to his horses including Big Brown.

    • Joy – Look At Saffie Joseph, Jr At Gulfstream Park 2023?
      Saffie Joseph, Jr. Came From Barbados, But No One Said What He Did In Barbados?

      We Know Something Is Going On?

      Every Year Todd Pletcher Wins The Trainer Title At Gulfstream Park?

      He Lost 2 Times To 2 Different Trainers?

      1 Trainer Is Jorge Navarro – He Got Caught Drugging & Killing Horses – He Is Going To Jail!

      1 Trainer Is Saffie Joseph, Jr. – Management Knows What Is Going On, But Nothing Happens? 2023?

  2. Frank & Belinda Stronach Were Supposed To Close Golden Gate Fields, But Never Did?
    Same Racetrack Owner As Gulfstream Park, Santa Anita Park, Laurel Park & Pimlico?
    Some More Tracks Will Be Closing 2023 – Drugs Are Getting Worse!
    We Caught Jorge Navarro & Jason Servis & Bob Baffert! Still More To Come in 2023?

  3. Eighteen, and infinitely more wise than all the horse-killing dinosaurs the Stronachs can pull together at their GGKF: “Where the Bay Comes to Slay!”

    • Kelly – Frank & Belinda Stronach Worry About Each Other Money, But What About The Horses?

      • Oh, I think they worry about the horses, too…
        As in, “Gosh, Daddy. I’m really worried how much trickier it’s gotten to hide all these dead horses from the public! Good thing we’ve got the CHRB and the racing press on our side.”

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