Montana: 4 Kills in Just 14 Racedays Last Year

Through a FOIA request to the Montana Board of Racing, I have confirmed the following kills there last year. Note: Montana had only 14 days of live racing in 2022.

Snow Phoenix, May 14, Miles City R – “fractured RF leg, euthanized on track”
(nine years old)

Intoxicating Kiss, May 15, Miles City R – “died in stall post-race, unknown”
(eight years old, 60th race)

Tick Tack Mo, Jul 16, Great Falls R – “fractured ankle, euthanized on track”
(chart merely said, “broke down, vanned off”)

Lasting Storm, Jul 30, Great Falls R – “fractured shoulder, euthanized on track”
(second race; first one was just six days prior)

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  1. Extremely sad and very disturbing. Wish this info could be seen by many more.

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