Five More Kills at Arapahoe Park

Through a FOIA request to the Colorado Dept. of Revenue, I have confirmed the following kills at Arapahoe Park in 2022 (this is part 2; part 1 here). The report, by the way, came with this comment: “Gastric ulceration is common in performance horses with a multifactorial etiology including nutrition, environment, and stress.”

Iza Lightning D Capo, Jul 25, racing
“Shoulder fracture – severe, acute, complete, comminuted – just past wire.” Iza Lightning D Capo was three years old, and this was his very first race.

Days of Glory, Aug 29, racing
“[Multiple] fractures and complete breakdown of the suspensory apparatus of the left forelimb.” Also: “chronic gastric ulcerations.” Days of Glory was six years old.

I Walk Alone, Sep 5, racing
“Severely comminuted fracture of the scapula with abundant intramuscular hemorrhage.” I Walk Alone was four years old, and this was his very first race.

Decker, Sep 26, stall
“Laminitis with rotation and crushed dermal tissue.” Also: “previously repaired slab fracture.” Decker was just two years old and coming off his first race.

Gold Label, Oct 3, racing
“[Multiple] comminuted fetlock fractures.” Also: “chronic stomach ulcer.” Gold Label was seven years old.

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  1. In 1980, I saw a horse go down during a race at Centennial racetrack. I watched her being vanned off upside down. There was never an explanation of what caused her to go down and die suddenly. All of the races held that day were video-taped and replayed EXCEPT for the race in which this filly went down and was vanned off. No replay, no explanation. Just one beautiful racehorse killed mysteriously and swept under the rug. This is one of my memories of being in Colorado.

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