The “New Belmont” Would Become the Deadliest Track in America

The New York Racing Association (NYRA) is currently attempting to secure a state loan of $455 million to rebuild Belmont Park. But get this: The loan would be repaid through the millions – as in, 130 annually – NYRA already receives in subsidies. Talk about a sweetheart of a deal. With that in mind, I thought it might be instructive for New Yorkers to know what, exactly, this corporate welfare is getting them.

Over the 8-year period 2014-2021, the 10 deadliest tracks in America were as follows:

Charles Town: 460
Gulfstream: 411
Parx: 353
Belmont: 322
Turf: 285
Penn: 263
Santa Anita: 246
Laurel: 243
Remington: 236
Mountaineer: 218

As you can see, Belmont, as presently constituted, ranks fourth. But, as the new Belmont would absorb all of Aqueduct’s racing, we should add Aqueduct’s 114 deaths over this period to get a clearer, more accurate picture of where this new combined track would stand. 322 + 114 = 436, or behind only Charles Town. Over the past five years (’17-’21), however, Belmont/Aqueduct has hosted 275 kills; CT, 262. In short, recent history says the new Belmont Park would be the deadliest racetrack in America.

And here’s another way of looking at the killing: In the 14-year period 2009-2022, 854 horses died at Belmont/Aqueduct – an average of 61 per year. This means we can reasonably expect another 1,800 or so horses to perish at new Belmont over the life of that aforementioned loan (30 years). Hundreds and hundreds more intelligent, beautiful beings felled for $2 bets. And all of it subsidized by New York taxpayers.

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  1. So clear HORSES get NO consideration NOR respect — this horrifically cruel industry is all about bringing in revenue and nothing more — we have so many options whereby we can entertain ourselves — to place HORSES in positions where they’re tormented, abused and killed is hateful, sadistic and insane — decent, respectable societies would NEVER accept this — SHUT DOWN Horseracing FOREVER

    • Well said, mssm8822! Clearly, this subculture has no conscience about violating Animal Welfare Codes of Conduct. The moral degenerates that make up this subculture need to be punished for the crimes.

      • YOU SAID IT, Wanda — We need to point out TO THE WORLD that we have ALTERNATIVES and we NEED NOT abuse, torment, slaughter, kill Horses — there are many ways to have fun — we MUST SHUT DOWN this racket.

  2. Awww. Can’t believe my own personal “favorite” track didn’t even make the top ten. Ol’ Doc Allred’s Los Alamitos Horse Hell and Slaughter Emporium has been on the CHRB’s hit list of late for “too much” killing(!). Yet, overall, they’re still KINDER to their equine victims than all these other horse-killing tracks?
    Gosh, Doc. I guess congratulations are in order for all of your Horse Safety efforts — even though you’re still killing ’em off at the same rate as ever.

  3. State-sanctioned kills while politicians like NY Gov. Hochul and most of her staff got paid by horse racing to ensure that generations of NY taxpayers will be on the hook to pay for this.
    This massive handout will not benefit the majority of people who are forced to pay for it.
    Both her and horse racing belongs in the gladiator rings at the turn of the century.

    • To subsidize horse racing is to subsidize crime. Horseracing is full of people committing all sorts of crimes involving horses and drugs.

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