17 More Kills in Louisiana

Through a FOIA request to the Louisiana Racing Commission, I have confirmed the following kills on that state’s tracks last year (this is part 2; part 1 here). Please note, however, that the Commission – as usual – did not forward training or stall deaths. So the true toll in Louisiana remains unknown.

Cottonpickintrain, Jul 8, Delta R – “open fracture”
Sneak Peek, Jul 16, Louisiana R – “open, displaced fracture”
Jess a Corona Legacy, Jul 29, Delta R – “[multiple] displaced fractures”
True Blonde Auntie, Jul 30, Louisiana R – “[multiple] displaced fractures”
Shining Terri, Aug 8, Louisiana R – “[multiple] fractures”
Born Into Bad News, Sep 3, Louisiana R – “open, acute fracture”
Sir Smack, Sep 18, Louisiana R – “[multiple] acute fractures”
Tdz Sir Sash, Oct 12, Evangeline R – “fractured sesamoid”
Jet Blue, Oct 20, Evangeline R – “trauma [in gate]”
Jasmines Ice, Oct 21, Evangeline R – “open, displaced fracture [in gate]”
Maximum Momentum, Nov 25, Evangeline R – “[multiple] displaced fractures”
Luck of the Stars, Nov 26, Delta R – “[multiple] open, compound fractures”
Star Syzygy, Dec 1, Fair Grounds R – “multiple fractures”
Runaway Web, Dec 2, Evangeline R – “acute fracture”
Downtowner, Dec 3, Delta R – “ruptured suspensory ligament”
Nice Legs, Dec 9, Evangeline R – “[multiple] comminuted fractures”
Thomas Davis, Dec 10, Fair Grounds R – “LF fracture” (two years old, first race)

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  1. Given no training or stall deaths were disclosed by the Louisiana Racing Commission, the number of kills would be higher. I base this on my research into racehorse deaths in NSW, Australia when I found during a five year period there were 198 deaths with 32 being training and stall deaths.
    Those 32 deaths were officially reported to the relevant racing authority. However, having personally witnessed some unreported training and stall deaths and reliable sources providing further unreported deaths, i believe that the official number of training and stall deaths would have been almost double.

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