Mia Casa Dead at Los Alamitos; 14th Kill in Cal This Year

Mia Casa died yesterday at Los Alamitos – “accident,” is all the CHRB is saying at present. Mia was four years old and had been raced 10 times, most recently at Emerald in September. She is already the 14th dead racehorse in California this year.

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  1. This killing of a horse being exploited for racing and wagering is horribly sad!
    I don’t expect the racing press publications to even pretend to care or notice, not TDN, not DRF, not BH, not Paulick Report. I don’t expect the PR to be “shining light on the” deliberate cruelty to a racehorse being exploited and killed at the lower levels in this part of the “horse industry” now or ever.
    Horse racing is animal cruelty.

  2. Looks like the (high-integrity, equine-life-saving) CHRB chose the right month to skip their monthly bluster-filled public meeting. Now they can march right on into March while still congratulating themselves about all their wildly effective, super-duper horse safety measures.
    Lucky for them, this month they’ll be spared the discomfort of having to explain publicly that, given the reduced numbers of available California horses, the equine death rate is actually RISING under their watch…
    Just kidding! (Not about the higher death rate, unfortunately. Just about the CHRB actually having to admit that to the public. They’re not exactly famous for their accountability.)

    • In case someone should require any sort of statement regarding the horses killed at California racetracks, the CHRB can rely on their designated silver-tongued devil/ golden boy, Jeff Blea.

      • Har! Yeah, the CHRB loves their lightning-fast Super-EMD, don’t they? And why wouldn’t they love him? Doc Blea has proven he can “treat” upwards of a hundred racehorses in an hour, sight unseen;) And all this expedited “care” by a man with the use of only one arm(!).
        Too bad the California Veterinary Medical Board doesn’t appreciate his level of talent…
        But maybe they’ll start to come around, now that they’ve witnessed the stellar RESULTS of
        those super-safe safety measures this past week at Santa Anita and Los Alamitos.

        • The forced running of a lame filly, DECORATED MY LIFE, (shipped in from Ireland) and her death as a consequence was expertly whitewashed by the CHRB Golden Boy, Jeff Blea.
          He said, “…One fatality is one too many. Period.”
          Of course, no mention was made of the other two horses vanned off the same day. MERIT SONG, killed by being raced the same day, did not rate high enough to be mentioned in Thoroughbred Daily News article or by the silver-tongued devil, Jeff Blea.
          Who knows the TRUE number of horses injured and killed by the professional so-called horsemen and horsewomen in California that will never be mentioned by the so-called experts?

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