If These Don’t Rend Your Heart…

Through a FOIA request to the California Horse Racing Board, I have obtained the following details on 4 of that state’s 64 kills last year (previous ones here).

No Ice Cream, Oct 6, Santa Anita T
“Horse died spontaneously following workout: extensive hemorrhages involving all components of both lungs.” Also: “multifocal chronic stomach ulcers.” No Ice Cream was just three years old.

Decline to Rule, Oct 20, Los Alamitos T
“Horse flipped over in gate – head trauma followed by significant epistaxis [bleeding from nostrils], dilated pupils, and labored breathing. [Multiple] catastrophic skull fractures. Severe, regionally extensive hemorrhage and tearing of the dura mater [membrane around brain].” Decline to Rule was just two years old.

Heaven’s Music, Oct 21, Santa Anita R
“Catastrophic complex fetlock breakdown: [multiple] open, comminuted, complete, displaced fractures; [multiple] complete ligament ruptures; completely torn flexor tendon.” Also: “pre-existing subchondral necrotic and sclerotic bone with focal severe erosion of the superficial cartilage in both PS bones; palmar osteochondral disease in both condyles of the MC3; gastric ulceration.” Heaven’s Music was just three years old.

Beautiful Lavender, Dec 6, Golden Gate S
“Euthanized after six days of fever and significant weight loss: severe, diffuse aortic endocarditis – the three leaflets of the aortic valve, with the right leaflet being the most severe, are diffusely thickened by the accumulation of a light yellow to gray, friable vegetation; multiple septic joints.” Beautiful Lavender was just two years old.

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  1. The descriptions and the pictures of the injuries to the horses in the necropsies are always gruesome, repulsive and revolting!
    More people need to know about what really happens to the horses being forced to endure the extreme DEMANDS made on the horses.
    It’s unacceptable that people just don’t learn to stop forcing young and underdeveloped colts and fillies to perform as though they were fully developed, matured horses. People such as the members of the California Horse Racing Board are candidates for prison because what they do and lie about on a daily basis is a crime. The racing commissioners, the veterinarians, the owners, the trainers, the jockeys that participate in this ANIMAL CRUELTY, RACE-FIXING & RACKETEERING and refuse to stop should be arrested and put in jail for a long, long time.
    The racing industry press and Jeff Blea pay lip service to the horrendous and willful running of a lame filly shipped to the United States from Ireland by saying that ONE DEATH is one too many and all the while they are causing harm and death to hundreds of colts and fillies that should have been allowed to finish growing and developing into adult horses.
    They continue to cause harm and INJURIES to young, underdeveloped colts and fillies and lie about it to cover their own butts without remorse for their actions and with NO INTENTIONS TO STOP. They need to be punished by law.

  2. When are all these statistics going to hit the news and there becomes enough pressure to put a stop to this?

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  3. What were these people giving two year old Beautiful Lavender? The necropsy revealed pathology that does not just happen.
    Where are the veterinarians on this 2 year old acquiring multiple septic joints, widespread heart inflammation with severe destruction of the aortic valve and the “accumulation of a light yellow to gray, friable vegetation” on the right leaflet of the right aortic valve.
    This pathology cries out for investigation. Someone is responsible for “malpractice” and needs to be held accountable.
    The CHRB needs to be questioned on this outrageous situation. It should not be ignored.

    • I agree with you, Rose. Since the necropsies are done by the University of California Davis School of Veterinary Medicine, it seems like someone would have the responsibility to do some type of investigation. Is the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine required by law to report findings of malpractice to an agency outside of the California Horse Racing Board when they suspect or see evidence of violations that would cause a state licensed veterinarian to be investigated for malpractice?

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