The New Belmont Park Could Become the Deadliest Track in America

Andy Serling is an analyst/handicapper for the New York Racing Association. When Assemblyperson Linda Rosenthal, sponsor of the bill that would redirect over $200 million in annual subsidies from racing to education, tweeted opposition to NYRA’s half-billion-dollar money grab to rebuild Belmont Park, Serling responded thus:

To which we responded:

We were then summarily blocked.

But it’s even worse for NYRA. In the most recent five-year period (’17-’21), Aqueduct and Belmont, which is precisely what the new track would comprise, have combined for 275 kills. That, folks, would rank first in the nation. Put another way, assuming recent averages hold (and why wouldn’t they), New Belmont would, going forward, become the deadliest racetrack in America. And still they have the audacity to ask for more – hundreds of millions more – in state money. You can’t make this stuff up.

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  1. Serling’s use of the block button on Twitter is near-legendary — even among those who actually LIKE racing. Seems to be a classic case of someone so callous, defensive and immature, he covers his ears and shouts, “LALALALA! I CAN’T HEAR YOU!”

  2. I met Andy Serling at Saratoga, several years ago. It was after the races, in a local watering hole called Siro’s- where most of the racing crowd would hang.

    I pleasantly introduced myself and my date, and mentioned to him that I was a big fan of thoroughbred racing, and especially at Saratoga [it IS a beautiful town]. I also tried to discuss the day’s races with him.

    Kelly’s description of the man is spot on – callous, defensive and immature.

    Just one more reason that I’m glad I left this game for good.

  3. I thank God for Assembly Woman Linda Rosenthal and the other Assembly Members and Senators who want to redirect the Video Lottery Terminal payments and whatever other money is included in that Bill FROM the Horseracing Industry in New York State including the New York Racing Association TO THE PEOPLE of NYS who desperately need it and deserve it for education and essential services.

    • Yes, it does. The part of his statement falsely accusing Assembly Woman Linda Rosenthal of misrepresenting the ***** and as if the people involved in this ***** are the only people she was elected to represent also speaks volumes about his modus operandi.

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