Video Appears to Show Decorated My Life Was Lame Before Dying in Race

The following video appears to show that Decorated My Life was lame immediately before breaking down – and dying – yesterday at Santa Anita.

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  1. I’m not seeing good things about her trainer on social media.
    But everyone failed this poor horse.

  2. All these idiots that stand there watching the horses prance out to their deaths and no one says anything to the effect there’s an issue. REALLY..

  3. She’s LAME. Clearly.

    Lame racehorses train and race *all the time* but not always is it 1), as evident as it was with DML nor 2), captured on video and circulated.

    And STILL they deflect and defend.

    • Losers who are in horse racing are in it because they know they are not smart enough to have a REAL career type employment. Don’t have IQ high enough. To top it off ….they are animal abusers AND killers.

  4. Clearly lame. How could the jockey not detect this? How could the trainer force this poor horse to run? How do people continue to patronize these terrible exposes of pure animal cruelty? How?

    • I have no answers to any of your questions, ladypurr9.

      I spent too much of my morning reading (and sometimes answering) the typical idiotic “whataboutism” racing fans use because they’ve got nothing realistic and sound to defend this unnecessary gambling industry.

      And of course, the messenger (this time, me) who calls for an end to horseracing comes under fire by the apologists – they don’t hold the industry responsible for the horses they bred, used, crippled and/or want rid of…they put that on us. The really odd (and TELLING thing) is I never see those same individuals expecting advocates to take responsibility for animals from other exploitive industries they want ended.

      It’s so obvious there is no defending horseracing – so because they cannot argue the message, they attack the messenger.

  5. I am assuming that there is an insurance policy on this young and underdeveloped FILLY and that her connections will try to get over $100,000 out of the insurance company as a result of her death.
    Going by how DECEPTIVE and MORALLY DEPRAVED the people who engage in this vile business are, who knows what their plans are or were for this young filly?

      • When so-called expert horsemen and so-called expert horsewomen knowingly and willfully force a lame racehorse to race, I agree with you that the insurance company should deny any claim for insurance compensation.
        She sold for over $100,000 at an auction in the United Kingdom as a Yearling and she broke her maiden, as they call it when a young, underdeveloped colt or filly wins for the first time regardless of how many tries it may have taken, in the United Kingdom before being shipped to the United States. She was never raced in any Claiming races.
        I agree with you that these morally depraved, deceptive and deceitful people who engage in outright cruelty to horses and call it “sport” should be punished severely and sentenced to many years in prison.

  6. The jockey should have felt that this horse was not right underneath him and dismounted. Any person educated in the equine would’ve known straight away that something was wrong.
    The simple fact is that the jockeys don’t give a damn about the horses.
    Sadly for the horses jockeys are educated in jumping on a horse and ignoring how the horse is feeling (e.g. lame, sweating profusely, agitated, reluctant to go into gate), often wearing spurs to dig into the horse’s flesh to make horse jump out quickly, yanking on the reins causing pain in the horse’s bitted mouth, riding recklessly and abusively, colliding with other horses (the industry prefers to call it ‘brushing’) and cruelly whipping the horse in the violent frenzy to the finish line.
    And then the winning jockey jumps off in glory for what a brilliant job he did of ‘riding’ the horse.
    All for $2 bets. Sickening.

    • In normal situations when the horse is limping, the rider gets off the horse and picks up the horse’s hoof to see if there is a rock or other sharp object/s lodged in the sole, the frog or the white line.
      I suspect that there are certain other individuals participating in this egregiously barbaric business in addition to the connections, who were in cahoots with the connections, and that they all knowingly allowed the forcing of this lame filly to not only continue to carry the weight of the jockey and saddle but to also perform in this race as though she were a SOUND and FULLY DEVELOPED, MATURED ADULT HORSE. (By the way, there was a printed article that Kathryn Papp, D. V. M. admitted to knowingly running a lame horse in a race.)
      For whatever sick, twisted, vile and perverted reason, everyone directly involved deliberately caused harm and death to this filly.
      There are honest ways to earn a living and this horse-abusing, horse-doping, horse-killing crime scene ain’t it!

      • I totally agree with Wanda Diamond that everyone directly involved deliberately caused harm and death to the horse. These people deserve to be punished to the fullest extent of the law for animal cruelty!

  7. & the FACTS ARE that poor horse probably had about 5-6 different LEGAL DRUGS ON BOARD & STILL IS NOTICEABLY VERY LAME IN THE POST PARADE & ON A COPIOUS AMOUNT OF A DRUG COCKTAIL- MONSTERS INCLUDING THE VETS. & who the hell is the dumb pin head jockey that obviously couldnt tell This horse is DEAD LAME PRE RACE?

    • I’m going with the idea that the jockey knows that his mount is lame and I believe the pony rider knows this poor, doomed filly is lame, but it’s a paycheck. I believe the jockey and the pony rider have been ordered to keep their mouths shut and do the job that they are being paid to do. It’s a vile business. If this jockey and pony rider cared about doing honest work, they would get the hell out of horseracing!

      • I totally & KNOWINGLY disagree about the comments on jockeys, they are if not willingly ignorant like joe bravo, they do NOT participate in the doping or condone the doping, & YES some use excess whipping ( unlike the BASEBALL BATS OF DAYS OF OLD, the whips now are more like a wet noodle then a whip ( some more info for most), but most of these guys are ATHLETES who are FORCED TO RIDE DOPED HORSES, & they REFUSE to speak up for they wont ever ride again if they do speak up & they are too willingly ignorant to ALL BAN TOGETHER ( for someone else will get their rides), so instead of A SHOW OF FORCE STICKING TOGETHER TO REFUSE TO RIDE DOPED HORSES, THEY go out there & RISK THEIR LIVES, MOST JOCKEYS, the ones WITH A BRAIN ( NOT POOR DUMB JOE BRAVO WHO LOOKS COMPLETELY OBLIVIOUS THAT HIS MOUNT IS EVEN LAME), will scratch a horse in the post parade ( called a “vet scratch”, but once in the PP it is almost ALWAYS A JOCKEY SCRATCH, & if the horse passes the morning vet & pre race examination ( & I use that term EXTREMELY LOSELY), once in the PP it is up to the rider to scratch an unsound horse, a PROFESSIONAL rider WILL SCRATCH A HORSE HE DEEMS UNSAFE TO RIDE, OR HE/SHE RISKS THEIR LIVES EVEN MORE ON A NOTICEABLY UNSOUND DOPED HORSE, they know these horses are on a cocktail of dope, what are they to do? end their careers? so this is some information for the jockey comments. they have no choice THAT CHOICE is to end their careers, most of these guys this is ALL THEY KNOW & all they have lived their lives to ride the fast horses & most do love & respect the horses they ride, as LAME as this horses is I am SHOCKED an older rider like bravo can’t tell this horse belongs on a farm not in a race, this speak volumes about his “brain power” or lack of or perhaps he smashed his head too many times? to not notice this poor LAME DOPED HORSE, imagine how LAME this horse is without her drug cocktail?, PATHETIC. Most riders I ASSURE YOU would prefer to ride horses that are NOT DOPED. find ONE of those on ANY RACETRACK IN AMERICA & I will give you a prize. an UNDOPED HORSE DOES NOT EXIST.

  8. Lame and it looks like front left.
    The jockey and any horse person watching knows it, but does nothing,
    Unfortunately, this will become increasingly common as the racehorse stock dwindles all over the country like it is right now and California doesn’t even have subsidies!
    As more and more state politicians elect to approve subsidies to support this dying business the need for racehorses are only going to increase.
    Gov. Kathy Hochul and her staff including her budget director are all being paid and bought for by horse racing and it’s a disgusting shame.
    She has essentially enslaved generations of children and NY taxpayers to financially support a business that they have no interest in supporting or even attending.
    She has also enslaved thousands of racehorses to suffer and die filling races and this was all orchestrated and made possible by a FEMALE politician.

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