Decorated My Life Killed at Santa Anita on Her “Birthday”

In the 9th at Santa Anita yesterday, Decorated My Life “sustained an injury and was vanned off.” She is in fact dead, euthanized, according to the stewards. (The wretched Daily Racing Form said her death “marred the race.”) Coincidentally, it was her third “birthday,” the second time that has happened in the past couple weeks. Two other horses were also “vanned off” at SA yesterday – 2-year-old Merit Song in the 4th and 4-year-old Sierra Pass in the 6th. Will update when information becomes available.

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  1. Mentioning here but I’m certain others have seen the video of Decorated My Life jogging immediately prior to the race – she was LAME.

    Often industry members and (especially) apologists will claim “things [in horseracing] are getting better”; this blatant cruelty DML was subjected to, the evidence of it all over social media, and the industry’s and racing fans’ flippant attitudes regarding her suffering are clear evidence of the exact opposite. They’re all so conditioned and calloused to racehorse suffering and death they barely blink an eye.

    • Dear God, my heart is screaming with pain right now for gorgeous little baby girl Decorated My Heart. The veterinarians at Santa Anita, hear this …HER DEATH IS ON YOU. May you rot in **** I could not hate you killers more. This pure evil must end right NOW.

    • And to think – there was a seasoned, “pro” jockey on her, whom, you would think, out of self-preservation, would gate scratch the lame horse. But, apparently he was too dumb to notice. Well, betcha the dumb bastard is sore today!!

    • Joy, I didn’t see the video so thank you for sharing the information here that she was obviously lame before the race.
      I wonder how many pages Dr. Lawrence (Larry) Bramlage could fill with his brand of total b******* in order to attempt to make it look like they didn’t do anything wrong…? He filled a lot of pages on the evaluation of MONGOLIAN GROOM after he was killed and after the horse was known by several people to be lame before the race in November of 2019. In the evaluation, they showed the pictures (X-rays) of the hairline FRACTURES which made it very clear and very obvious that he should not have been raced. In this egregiously barbaric industry, sending a lame racehorse out to die is part of the so-called game.
      That very EXPENSIVE X-ray machine that Santa Anita Park public relations boasted about after the national news media exposed the high number of horses fatally injured there came in “real handy” to save this filly, didn’t it? Who can’t see through that b*******?

  2. Another moral of this Angel’s sickening tale is … Europe, keep your beautiful,innocent souls ALIVE. Don’t send them to this pathetic country that kills worse than,and more breakdowns than the other countries. KEEP these gorgeous,majestic horses ALIVE.

  3. Three vans-offs yesterday, eh, CHRB? From your super-safety-reformed SADT? Gosh, it’s almost like you guys can’t predict nor pretend to control the inevitability of dead racehorses or something.
    (Oh, look at that: Patrick’s been stating this very point for YEARS. In fact, this subject, word for word, is covered extensively, right up top.)
    So, how are you gonna spin this latest Santa Anita UnSafety Spike, esteemed Board members, hmmm? Because you know the SoCal news media will be full of questions for you. Better get ready.

  4. Can you imagine? Murdered at 3? A species that should live to 30 or beyond? And then there is the unknown about the other two “vanned off” horses!
    Why we must NEVER let these animals down! We must always fight for them!

  5. I was so disappointed and sad to read about this poor horse murdered at 3 by participating in the racing of horses. How can the owners of that horse allow that to happen? Animals are so loyal and loving. They are supposed to be beloved members of the family. I agree with Martha that we must never let these animals down and must continue to fight for them!

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