Flipped, Blunt-Force Head Trauma, Dead – One of Emerald’s Kills Last Year

Through a FOIA request to the Washington Racing Commission, I have confirmed the following kills at Emerald Downs, the state’s only currently active track, in 2022.

Reno Roy, May 28
“Racing Breakdown: acute, severe rupture of the LF distal sesamoidean ligaments. In addition, there is chronic, marked arthritis of both fetlock joints with palmar osteochondral disease of both limbs. Lastly, the horse also has a chronic slab fracture of its right third carpal bone.” Reno Roy was six years old.

Boldacious, Jun 4
“Racing Breakdown: severely comminuted fracture.” Boldacious was three years old.

Parker’s Gold, Jun 24
“Racing Breakdown: comminuted scapular fracture. All other fractures [incl. multiple ribs] are most likely secondary to trauma from breaking down and are considered incidental findings.” Parker’s Gold was two years old; this was his very first race.

Coachella Chrome, Aug 4
“Training Breakdown: open, comminuted fracture of left MC3. Presumed osteochondrosis.” Coachella Chrome was two years old and being prepped for his debut.

Northwest Rain, Sep 2
“Racing Breakdown: [multiple] acute, severe fractures. The bilateral synovial villous hyperplasia is indicative of chronic arthritis in both carpi.” Northwest Rain was four years old. This was his second race in eight days.

Complicate, Sep 4
“Racing Breakdown: [multiple] fractures with open subluxation of fetlock – [likely] secondary to repetitive loading/mechanical trauma. The chronic osteoarthritis and gastric ulcers are considered incidental findings.” Complicate was four years old.

High Speed Chase, Sep 7
“Flipped following gallop – blunt-force head trauma [with] fractures to the base of the skull and large volume of hemorrhage.” High Speed Chase was six years old.

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  1. The people who exploit horses for racing and as gambling objects don’t seem to learn anything. They don’t appear to comprehend or understand that what they do to horses is wrong and that they need to get their heads out of their ***** and stop exploiting young and underdeveloped colts and fillies. These gruesome INJURIES are very preventable! The people who are involved in this egregious CRUELTY should be punished for the ABUSE, BRUTALITY, CRUELTY, MAIMING and KILLING of horses!
    Horseracing violates ANIMAL WELFARE laws everyday and it needs to be stopped!

  2. The number of horses that flip over at the track is very telling about the kind of handling that goes on. A horse throws himself backwards as a last resort to escape either extreme pressure or what he perceives as an attack. Given the whips, tongue ties, bits, and other torture devices used on a regular basis and the continual examples of horses being struck in the face by trainers or riders with the emotional control of a two-year-old, it’s no surprise this happens so often. It’s a hallmark of abuse.

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