California’s Long List (75 Horses) of Sick or Injured in January

Horses “scratched” at Golden Gate over just six days of racing in January:

Sea Breeze Boy, injured
Heredia Boxer, lame
Sierra Melody, unsound
Reservoir, sick
Bobby’s Alibi, injured
Heavenly Prince, injured
Supersonic Flyer, sick
Warm Summer, lame
Runaway Princess, sick
Tropicana Girl, vet history
Travel the Map, injured
O B’s, injured
Smile and Profile, injured
Mary Margaret, unsound
Lying Ghost, injured
Handsome Gary, sick
J T’s Watch, unsound
Nolde, injured in gate
Dr Low Key, sick
One Big Smile, injured
Starship Endeavor, injured
Redstwirlingdancer, sick
John Dunbar, unsound
Govenor’s Party, unsound
Councilwoman Jilly, sick
Berolijean, injured
Bronze Lady, injured
Rancho Red, sick
Matchless, sick
The Little H Man, injured
Union Dance, sick

And then these:

Talisker Bay, claim voided, lame
Gonna Getcha Good, claim voided, lame
Misty Cat, claim voided, lame
Armour Plate, claim voided, unsound
Phantom Indian, claim voided, lame

Horses “scratched” at Santa Anita over just three days of racing in January:

Chao Mar, injured
Chick’s Dig It, unspecified by vet
Pat’s Lucy, sick
For A Laugh, injured
Big Shamrock, unspecified by vet
Hot Thoughts, injured in gate
Nolongerahobby, sick
Chicago Soldier, sick
San Jac, injured
(3 other unidentified horses put on Vet’s List)

Horses “scratched” at Los Alamitos over just six days of racing in January:

Naomi Fraley, injured
Tainted Love, injured
Mamba Cartel, sick
Facts Matter, injured
Spring Spinning, sick
Supreme, flipped in gate, injured
Auntie Bev, injured
Driskill, injured
Rusty Cage, injured
Big Mama Thornton, injured
Champessa, injured
Wesley’s Boy, injured
Single Merit, unsound
Being Blessed, injured
Full of Grace, injured
Castle Gate, unsound
Makah Lane, injured
She Goes Up, unspecified by vet
Maui Road, unsound
Mavalous Mavalous, unsound
Spanish Channel, sick
(5 other unidentified horses put on Vet’s List – 4 unsound, 1 EIPH)

Tromador, claim voided, unsound


  1. I feel sick in the stomach reading this list.
    These poor, poor horses.
    How ghastly and gruesome.
    Despicable gambling industry using innocent live horses as gambling machines.

  2. they are sick from drugs, endless drugs int his business

    all racing should be shut down

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