A “Sudden Death” Kill at Santa Anita; A Dead Doug O’Neill Baby at San Luis Rey

Two more dead athletes in California: Cerulean, four, suffered “sudden death” while training at Santa Anita this morning. Again, four years old – “sudden death.” Yesterday at San Luis Rey, a yet-to-be-named two-year-old broke down also while training. I say two-year-old, though he may not be even that: He was born in 2021. The dead baby was trained by the $153 million-earning Doug O’Neill, no stranger to this site.

Horses dying every day – this is horseracing.


  1. I have followed this site for a long time now. With that being said, previously the number of training deaths and two year old babies deaths were not as numerous as they seem to be now escalating. Another reason this insanity should disappear and end forever.

  2. These people have VIOLATED the Animal Welfare Code of California [§1902.5. Animal Welfare] AGAIN. This law needs to be enforced by the authorities outside of this corrupt industry of horseracing and subsequent horse killing in California and everywhere else this heinous cruelty exists.
    It isn’t just Doug O’Neill who should be charged and prosecuted for cruelty and killing horses; the whole California Horse Racing Board is responsible for the killing of horses, the corruption and the racketeering known as horseracing.

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