Nebraska – With a Heavy Dose of Salt

In a FOIA request to the Nebraska Racing Commission, I have confirmed the following kills at Fonner Park last year. Please note, however, that, again, the Commission did not forward any stall deaths, nor any deaths of any kind at the state’s several other tracks. In addition, I was given no details beyond the basics. In short, Nebraska has become increasingly difficult to work with. And this comes as the state’s moribund industry will soon be enjoying a gusher of cash – subsidies – from new casinos.

Bulls Eye Betty, Feb 27, training – “[injured, euthanized]”
Chayil, Apr 24, racing – “pulled up, vanned off, [euthanized]” (third race that month)

The above said, the following seven horses were “vanned off” Nebraska tracks last year and have not been heard from since. Given this state’s recent history of obfuscation, I firmly believe that some, if not all, of these horses are dead.

Diamond in the Sun, Mar 11, Fonner R – “injured, vanned off”
Silent Sunrise, Apr 3, Fonner R – “pulled up, vanned off” (first ever race)
Ameripoint, Apr 10, Fonner R – “pulled up, vanned off”
Littlebitofbluskys, Apr 22, Fonner R – “pulled up, vanned off”
Dare Felix, May 7, Fonner R – “injured, vanned off”
Holiday Chimes, May 21, Fonner R – “crashed through rail, injured, vanned off”
Ticker, Jun 10, Columbus R – “injured, vanned off”


  1. What are they hiding and why? It’s disgusting that these so-called horsemen and horsewomen are so money hungry that they act as though they have no conscience about causing harm and death to horses and siphoning off public funds through the casino subsidies to continue to pretend to be horsemen and horsewomen.
    This despicable behavior is undesirable. Abusing and killing horses for racing and Pari-mutuel gambling should be punished severely.

  2. Sigh. So tell us, fine Fonner folks: If these animals weren’t euthanized for their on-track injuries, what would you have us believe happened to them? Because an immediate end to their racing-inflicted suffering isn’t the worst you could do to them, you know. In fact, Injured/Vanned/Fallen-off-the-face-of-the-earth indicates something far more nefarious. Like, their owners and state racing officials were willing to extend their suffering in order to lower the “official” kill count.

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