An Ugly (But Aren’t They All) Fall at Delta

According to the chart for the 1st at Delta yesterday, Last Native Cat “took a bad step, fell, and was vanned off.” While we won’t know for sure till my FOIA…

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  1. This doesn’t pertain to Delta but ….I CANNOT believe Laurel has not canceled due to weather, like the other tracks. If they kill horses today on that frozen tundra dirt …they need to be brought up on Animal Abuse charges. Call Laurel, and tell them Don’t you dare force these horses to run in these freezing temperatures!!!!

  2. This will take a miracle. Once again running these animals in the slop. And the first race to witness that fall…how many threw their hands up and left the venue??

    • None, I imagine. The grizzled old die-hards who frequent the tracks are so inured to the carnage — and so addicted to the “excitement” of a potential payoff — their only concern is what a horse fall will cost them. (Or earn them: cha-ching!)

  3. Of course …Laurel is racing today,while Ny has canceled. What caught my eye reading over the scratches was. …Bobby G, a 9yr old gelding is a vet scratch today. This Awesome old man has MORE than earned his retirement. Let’s keep an eye on him and put pressure on his trainer/owner to give him a soft landing he SO DESERVES.

  4. The racing of horses and the slaughter of horses do go hand-in-hand. This inhumane treatment of forcing LAST NATIVE CAT to run in the mud and abruptly end with him going down on the racetrack AND NOT BEING ABLE TO GET UP at Delta Downs (racetrack, hotel and casino) in Louisiana is just as SICKENING as what is done to horses at the slaughterhouses.
    This despicable and inhumane treatment of horses needs to be shut down forever! This disgusting and vile business is a revolting business that needs to be shut down!

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