2-Year-Old: “Catastrophic Lumbar Fracture With Spinal Cord Compression”; And Details on a 1-Year-Old’s Death

Through a FOIA request to the California Horse Racing Board, I have obtained the following details on 4 of that state’s 64 kills last year (previous ones here).

Cayton Kid, Apr 26, Santa Anita T
“Catastrophic fetlock breakdown: [multiple] open, comminuted fractures; [multiple] severe, complete ruptures.” Also: “biaxial palmar osteochondral disease; gastric ulcers.” Cayton Kid was just four years old.

One More Fly, Jul 16, Los Alamitos T
“Fell – catastrophic lumbar fracture with spinal cord compression.” One More Fly was two years old and being prepped for her debut.

yet-to-be-named 1-year-old, Aug 15, Pleasanton S
“Horse crashed through a fence: catastrophic fractures of 2nd, 3rd, and 4th metacarpal bones with transection of the suspensory and lateral intercarpal ligaments and carporadial tendon; all fractures were open, complete, and comminuted – multiple fragments missing.” Again, one year old.

Mia Solina, Sep 4, Golden Gate R
“Catastrophic injury to fetlock: [multiple] complete fractures, [multiple] ligament tears.” Also: “osteochondral disease; cartilage erosion.” Mia Solina was six years old.


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  1. Seriously, these horses would have less damage negotiating a land mine field. Apologists still can’t explain how a horse can quite literally disintegrate while running on a flat dirt track – cause Lord knows, it’s nothing the racing industry does to these horses that’s responsible.

  2. The only real thing that could have prevented these horses from being so catastrophically injured and killed is if their human connections had a conscience and listened to it. As long as there are morally depraved horse-abusing, horse-doping, horse-killing human beings who are allowed to go unpunished in this world, there will be gruesome INJURIES and death to horses used and abused for racing, wagering handle, breeding, stud fees and selling to killbuyers and meatpackers.
    This indiscriminate use and cruel exploitation of horses must be stopped!

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