Not Just the Killing

From the stewards at Golden Gate, Jan 13-16:

Laura Mars, scratched – “unsound”
Moonlightnwine, scratched – “sick”
Govenor’s Party, scratched – “sick”
Autisms World, scratched – “unsound”
Mistical Surprise, scratched – “sick”
Dr Pescado, scratched – “sick”
Damn the Torpedoes, scratched – “sick”
Playing Hardball, scratched – “sick”
Triple E, scratched – “sick”
Dulas, scratched – “sick”
Harmon, scratched – “sick”
Rickenbacher, “claim voided – unsound”
Quiet Charm, scratched – “injured”
Idiot’s Gold, scratched – “injured”
La Primer Estrella, scratched – “sick”
On Vacation, scratched – “sick”
Austrian Navy, scratched – “sick”
Simply Perfect, scratched – “unsound”
Patsy Montana, scratched – “sick”
Midnight Metal, scratched – “sick”

And at Turfway:

Jan 4: Miss Sovelia, “injured in the paddock, scratched”
Jan 11: Call West, “injured in the starting gate, scratched”


  1. The starting gate was deemed a great invention way back when. It isn’t great when horses are injured in and by the starting gate. It is not great when horses being used as racehorses are injured even if they don’t get injured by the starting gates.
    Horseracing needs to be banned. There are things that are not criminal acts to make a living. Horseracing involves animal cruelty and racketeering and these things are criminal activities. This is why horse racing should be punished and banned.

  2. does being scratched mean their owners kill them – i dont know that much abot racing. can you clarify

  3. There are a myriad of reasons why HORSERACING must be SHUT DOWN — all one need do is visit HRW site — knowing the horror still continues makes me sick to my core — WHEN will well-being of HORSES be of concern — SHAME on Legislators, who CAN, at the very least, start opposing this horrific cruelty to Horses.

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