What “Went Bad” Looks Like

According to the chart, 3-year-old Pop Pop Susi “went bad” (the track announcer said, “amiss”) in the 1st at Penn Friday night. Here is what that looked like:

Confirmation will have to wait for my FOIA, but…


  1. The track announcer’s voice resembles the voice of an auctioneer’s voice.
    If there was a memo to track announcers to ignore or fail on purpose to acknowledge a horse going “amiss” or going wrong during a race, this track announcer evidently didn’t get the memo.

    • No innocent animal should ever die for humans who don’t want to put in the WORK to go get a REAL job. It’s a sin what happens to these majestic,gorgeous horses.

      • Some announcers say nothing or very little about the horse that “goes wrong” in a race. The moral depravity of these people who are involved in this egregiously cruel indifference to the horses is appalling.

  2. It looks like a broken fetlock to me….but never mind, its only ‘going amiss’ What a rotten, heartless announcer.

  3. the merciless horse owners who put their horse in these races where they know some will lose their lives every single day

  4. “Went bad” – like a carton of milk. And given just about as much thought when discarded.

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