The Sick, The Injured at Santa Anita

The following horses were scratched by the track vet over just five days of racing (Jan 6-8, Jan 13, Jan 15) at Santa Anita:

Wirly Girly, injured
Niles Channel, injured
Elusive Class, injured
Rip City, sick
Ring General, sick
Classier, sick
Krahenbuhl, sick
Spirit of Makena, injured

And: Haskelled, sale voided, placed on Vet’s List


  1. Their safety protocols are all a ruse.
    Anybody that can read these Kill Lists should know by now.
    If they really cared about racehorses then they wouldn’t exploit them to begin with.

  2. And the trainers win again…sick horse, bill the owner for the day money, medical treatment and guess what – it’s all the horses fault. Guess the horse just wasn’t tough enough…sick sick sick. And I know what I say…family worked in this disgusting industry. All a scam at the cost of the horses.

  3. Echo Again was pulled up yesterday at Fairgrounds during the big qualifying race for the Derby. This is after he was first most of the track around. Does anyone know whether he just tired or if there was a problem we’d rather not think about?

  4. I’m curious to know what injuries these horses had that made them be scratched? How do vet see it and not trainers?

    • The trainers and owners don’t want to see it. Horse doesn’t run=no money coming in, and in fact, costs money, and in their point of view, costs money for no good reason, sadly.

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