With Kill at Santa Anita Today, Cal Already at Six Dead in 2023

Press On, three, was killed training this morning at Santa Anita – “musculoskeletal,” for now. He is the sixth dead horse at Cal tracks through the first three weeks of 2023. “Reform” is a ruse, “safe racing” a lie. Horseracing kills; it must end.

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  1. The fine folks at the SADT will continue their killing, but they’ll still manage to find a way to declare themselves Fatality-Free:
    “No horses died during the actual running of our super-safe races, unless you count before the gate, after the finish line, on our turf or training tracks, in their stalls, anywhere at all on track property, on weekends — or any weekday ending in “y” — and, most importantly, any injured horse who can still be hustled off our site for euthanasia.”

  2. PRESS ON was under the custody of John Sadler who, true to industry form, has serious multiple doping violations and racehorses dying like most “top” trainers.
    A brief overview of his activities revealed the following: 1) 35 documented varied violations dating back to 2004 when they started reporting on this 2) denial of license 3) suspensions that never occur 4) doping of racehorses some of the dope having serious detrimental effects on racehorses.
    Reporting late to the drug testing barn for post-race tests which is usually intended to allow for additional time to clear out the drugs before they get tested or reduce the limits.
    Most all resulted in slap on the wrist fines that were a pittance of the purse money won.
    Here’s but a glimpse of some of the dope found in his racehorses systems:
    5-HYDROXY DANTROLENE used as a muscle relaxant for malignant hyperthermia.
    CETIRIZINE an anti-histamine found in large quantities.
    RANITIDINE seems to be a “go to” drug for him that completely cuts-off acid production and used in stomach cancer or other serious ailments for ulcers that create holes in the stomach.
    Racehorses are sitting ducks in their stalls and they are prime targets for those who are supposed to be taking care of them.
    PRESS ON is one of many victims of John Sadler and probably won’t be the last one.

    • JX Racing has both KING’S HOUSE and EMPIRE”S SCORE in Race 4. These two horses both earned $250 each in their last race finishing second to last and last respectively. JX Racing has four horses listed as their top earning horses of which KING’S HOUSE is the top earning horse.

  3. Everything about this cornball ‘job’ …the losers who call horse killing,maiming, abusing animals for a living their “job” 🤮. Yeah, that’s about the sum of all of you pathetic losers. I don’t see ANY of you (john sadler,todd,bob,etc.) being capable of working a white collar, professional REAL career. These lazies are pathetic.

    • There are no rules and there will be no rules to prevent this abuse.
      Abuse is the name of the game. The horses are doomed. That will never change as long as racing exists.
      As a friend of mine who knew the business well said “racing is a dirty game”.

      PS The only chance these track warriors have is for someone to step up and pay up to get these horses away from their tormentors.

      • There is a law in California regarding Animal Welfare: [A symbol of an S over an S] 1902.5. Animal Welfare.

  4. California Code of Regulations (Last Updated: August 6, 2014)
    •Title 4.Business Regulations
    •Division 4.California Horse Racing Board
    •Article 16.General Conduct
    (Symbol: an S over an S) 1902.5.Animal Welfare.
    No person under the jurisdiction of the Board shall alone, or in concert with another person, permit or cause an animal under his control or care to suffer any form of cruelty, mistreatment, neglect or abuse. Nor shall such person abandon; injure; maim; kill; administer a noxious or harmful substance to; or deprive an animal of necessary care, sustenance, shelter or veterinary care.

    • I think this law basically and broadly covers all of the things that have been done, and continue to be done, to horses exploited for racing and as gambling objects in California and everywhere else where horses are used for racing and gambling objects.

  5. Way to go you lazies. Echo Again … pulled up in derby prep in La. Probably a TWO yr old waiting to be EUTHANIZED. You dingbats you (horse racing losers). But, ….”they love to run”🤮 …Go get a J.O.B. (Real) sick *****

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