Horse Snaps Both Front Legs; Owner Says He Didn’t Suffer

According to the Racing Post, 5-year-old The Perfect Crown fell in a race at Wolverhampton (England) Monday and “suffered a fatal injury.” In fact, says his dinged-up jockey, Hollie Doyle, TPC broke both front legs – just “a freak accident,” she claims. Simon Turner of Hambleton Racing, TPC’s owner, summed it thus: “It’s very sad to lose him, he was a lovely horse. We are relieved that he didn’t suffer and that Hollie was able to walk away.” “Didn’t suffer,” huh? Bastards.

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  1. They are making a huge deal how Doyle broke her arm and subsequently off remaining mounts. Very little said about this beautiful horse except he was injured around the bend and oh well.

  2. The owner says he didn’t suffer – how in the hell does he know – I would suggest that the poor horse suffered greatly and that prior he had suffered as well just like all the rest of the race horses. OMG this horrible sport needs to end – it is so cruel and so many wonderful horses have died for no reason and all of the babies (2 year olds) that don’t belong anywhere near a track. To the owner – screw you asshole no doubt that the poor horse suffered – too bad it wasn’t you instead.

  3. I wonder if Simon has ever broken both his legs or any bone for that matter ?
    He would understand pain and suffering if he had suffered a fracture!
    These people will say anything to try to minimize the suffering and death.

  4. This person, evidently has no ability to feel empathy for the horse to say that THE HORSE didn’t suffer. This is the modus operandi of the people in horseracing: to refuse to acknowledge THE REALITY of THEIR OWN RESPONSIBILTY as human beings WHO DELIBERATELY subject horses to INJURIES, PAIN, SUFFERING and DEATH.
    This industry has to be full of psychopathic individuals because how else could they continually treat horses as though they were USED CARS (inanimate objects with no feelings or ability to suffer) and continually lie to the public, the racing fans, anyone who wants to bet on the horses?

  5. I still remember as an elementary school student breaking my left little pinky finger playing kick ball during recess ….it hurt like hell. I can’t even imagine how horrific.

  6. The fear and pain that poor horse felt at the end had to be horrifying. These people are insane. And it’s not a freak accident—it’s the culmination of years of breeding huge chests and matchstick legs and forcing them to pound around a track …

  7. This cold hearted wench and many of her supporters are whining about her broken elbow.
    The horse broke BOTH legs and DIED. Perspective! Apparently it’s not their forte.

    • If her whining brings attention to the fact that they killed the horse, hopefully more people will see just how morally depraved and repugnant the people in this industry actually are and why it needs to be banned.

  8. I’m just sorry that it wasn’t the jockey that broke her legs instead of the innocent, defenseless horse that she was whipping to run even faster. As for saying he didn’t suffer…words fail me as I broke my ankle last year and I am still suffering with the pain and swelling, so this innocent horse DID SUFFER…he suffered in absolute agony until he died. But never mind, caring owner, trainer and jockey, don’t forget to collect your due monies before you start on your next VICTIM.

  9. When Simon Turner says “… We are relieved…” I think what he really means is that they are relieved that they don’t have to spend a lot of money for his recovery or aftercare.

  10. shouldnt we all be emailing to this owner to tell them what a shit they are.anybody have an email address for them

    • That would be a form of personal attacks and harassment. I don’t think it is exactly legal to harass people by slandering them through email.

  11. Here’s what puzzles me .. how is it that Bo Derek, the horse snapped both her front legs …when she had only raced once and sold at Keeneland yearling sale for 900,000 and you only fetch that kind of price if you pass the many vet inspections,X-rays etc. so, given all that criteria, how did she snap off both front legs after only one race?????

    • That’s a good question, Bonnie. I can’t say that I know all of the criteria or “checks and balances” to qualify for a ridiculously high price of $900,000 for a yearling, but at the same time, I believe we do know that the racing industry is not the most honest and upstanding industry and that some horses could be made to “pass the inspection” so to speak through “false” statements and falsifying the paperwork and that sort of thing. That is a distinct possibility.
      Another thing is that Yearlings have several weeks of being treated “like a used car” between the time they are sold and the time they are raced. The saddling and the riding and the forced exercise before they actually turn TWO YEARS OLD would cause horrendous damage to their bones, joints, cartilage, tendons, and ligaments not too mention their lungs and heart and other vital organs. I don’t see exactly how these young, underdeveloped colts and fillies exploited for racing can tolerate the drugs administered to their bodies, because their liver would have to work overtime to filter out the toxins and that sort of thing. Then there are the drugs that directly affect the kidneys also.
      Okay, so I didn’t go to college for eight years to become a veterinarian, but I cannot imagine making a living off of the horrendous ABUSE that is willfully and purposely inflicted on these young and underdeveloped babies.
      There is no doubt in my mind that this particular filly was purposely exploited for the money and the dastardly deeds that were committed on this filly named after a popular actress, at least popular in some circles, was STRICTLY an OBJECT (NOT REGARDED AS A SENTIENT BEING) to the people who exploited her. She was just another “worldly” possession to “satisfy” someone’s sick ego trip and at that price, a very insurable possession.
      I was told decades ago (in the 1970s) that these horses used for racing are not pets. They’re babies. They’re not pets. They’re babies. They’re just babies.
      Yeah, right. They’re just babies forced to perform as though they were adults and as though they were non-living machines made to perform at high speeds that no person in their right mind would force onto these horses, if they ever had a right mind.

      • She was treated strictly as an object and not as a sentient being. This would be the case for thousands of other young, underdeveloped colts and fillies who are born into a world of strict slavery to the human race.

    • The wear and tear already inflicted on her to get her to that first race! Plus Gulfstream’s turf track has looked pretty crappy.
      A homebred snapped both his front legs in his first race (With another racing stable). But by that point he’d already endured a bowed tendon, shin issues… the trainer said he thinks he “stepped in a hole on the track”. The horse had no place being near a track but no one listened to me. He was too light-boned to undergo the rigors of track life.

  12. Yup, snapping both legs and smashing into the ground from a dead run is completely painless. Seriously, do these idiots even hear themselves? In what realm of medical science does this even make sense?

  13. What lies — what corruption — what stupidity — what a Psycho — my heart breaks for the HORSES — if this isn’t evidence enough that THEY hate and disrespect Horses, what else do we need? — SHUT DOWN this evil HORSERACING racket — FOREVER — DO IT for the Horses

  14. Freak accident my ass. Something like this happens in almost every race. Because this is a thoroughly unredeemable, ugly, corrupt, heartless and brutal industry that needs to be SHUT DOWN.

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