Horseracing – Abusing Baby Equines Daily

The 11th at Gulfstream yesterday was 2-year-old Deliziosa’s very first race. Here, according to the chartwriter, is how it unfolded: “Deliziosa was fractious in the gate, broke awkwardly, trailed inside, slammed into the rail multiple times [below] early on the backstretch [and] was pulled up.” Two years old. First race.


  1. And, this baby girl is even younger than most. Her birthday (true birthday) isn’t until May 24th, not many american horses are born THAT late. Makes it even more egregious!!

  2. That poor baby was last the entire race. The replay was showing not too much as far as horse #7 in orange silks. We hope she has survived this frightening experience.

  3. If someone whipped a dog, they’d be charged with a crime.

    How is it that this is legal w horses?

    Ban horseracing and the betting that drives it!

  4. Just further proof that these babies are not trained in any responsible way, shape, or form. This is a horse in absolute terror of her surroundings and the predator perched on her back attacking her as she tries to escape.

  5. This is a case where the connections rushed the teaching of basic stuff that horses need to know (as saddle horses) on top of the fact that she was then and is now too young and too underdeveloped anyway.
    Some of these extra-greedy and super-morally depraved people start the horses out and rush more of everything on them before the prerequisite steps have been laid down. This is part of their so-called training method. Some trainers are known for taking shortcuts anyway.
    Some of the connections will use an actual race as a substitute for the behind the scenes training, which includes both the teaching of basic lessons and the physical conditioning of the horse. The people in this industry are extremely poor excuses for horseman! The racing commission shouldn’t even have allowed this filly to be entered.
    I know I’m playing Monday morning quarterback and at the same time I’ve had enough experience with horses to know that all this stuff is predictable. When you’re handling horses, you have to be at least five jumps ahead of them and know what they’re going to do before they do it and then take steps to prevent them from doing a lot of stuff that would have a negative outcome. I’ve been there, done that as far as the physical and psychological development and handling of equines for the first several years of my life. I was not born into racing, but I was born into a family who owned horses, ponies and beef cattle.

    • Yes , I agree with most of what yousaid.
      Maybe everyone should get together and for now start them racing
      at the age of 3.
      Change should come slowly , right away outlaw the game that’s been around
      a long time. Not good. You’re alienating the racing public.
      Jack Mcdevitt

      • Jack, even starting them a little later,there would STILL be unnecessary deaths,these people CANNOT be trusted handling a living breathing live being. They just cannot. As for alienating the racing people …IF they truly loved horses like family, they would put lives of horses over laziness of not working a REAL job.

      • Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Jack. I understand that everyone’s opinion counts for something. I could be sarcastic and say in response to your observation that I am “alienating the racing public” — what was your first clue?
        Why would I want to cater to the racing public? These are the people who willfully and deliberately abuse and force colts and fillies that are in the ballpark of ONE-THIRD of the way to maturity to perform as though they were FULLY DEVELOPED, MATURED ADULT HORSES. This is exactly the fundamentally flawed practice for all Thoroughbred flat track racing! Even though SOME people MIGHT NOT have tried on purpose to break down their young and underdeveloped colts and fillies in the previous decades and/or centuries, the Kentucky Derby is based on racing babies to qualify for the Derby for three year olds. Three-years-old is ONE-HALF of the way to maturity. Four-years-old is TWO-THIRDS of the way to MATURITY. Horses are considered MATURE AT SIX-YEARS-OLD and some people say that some horses are not fully developed and matured until SEVEN-YEARS-OLD.
        In this egregiously CRUEL horse-killing industry, hundreds (and more like thousands) of immature, underdeveloped colts and fillies are DEAD FROM BEING FORCED to endure the extreme demands of racing BEFORE THE AGE OF SIX YEARS.
        Do you really believe that this is okay?
        Do you really believe that the whole basically flawed system of forcing Yearlings and Two-Year-Olds to carry the WEIGHT of a SADDLE AND a WHIP-WIELDING RIDER AND RUN AT A FULL GALLOP is going to be “reformed” in this horse-abusing, horse-doping, horse-killing industry?
        If you will notice, this site is about BANNING the RACING of horses because of the INHERENT CRUELTY to the HORSES EXPLOITED for purse money, wagering and GOVERNMENT SUBSIDIES and government-directed benefits including tax write-offs. There are thousands, and most likely more like millions, of people who do not want to pay for the subsidizing of ANIMAL CRUELTY, in this case, horses; besides they don’t think it’s okay to kill horses.

      • Jack,

        With all due respect, I would like to respond to your post.

        I was involved in horse racing for many, many years, strictly as a bettor. I bet with syndicates, I bet on my own, I bet with partners, I bet almost daily and I bet a lot. All on thoroughbred horse racing.

        Up until last year I was a regular visitor to Saratoga, Del Mar, Santa Anita, Gulfstream, Belmont – all the ‘big’ tracks. I was never concerned about animal welfare, I was not an animal activist, and I was only interested in successful handicapping.

        I might add, I loved the game.

        Unfortunately, I realized that not only is this game rigged, but it is being conducted by people with little, if any, morals, from the top right down to the very bottom of the barrel.

        Look no further than seeing the top trainer in the world being suspended AND having his horse, the winner of the Kentucky Derby being DQ’d for his use of illegal drugs.

        This is a game that simply cannot be fixed, and a conclusion I reached by looking at the facts surrounding the entire industry, starting with the fact that they simply cannot be self-sustaining. They cheat their own customers by allowing rampant unreported drug use; they routinely send sick, lame, injured and unsound animals into the starting gate on a regular basis, and most racing thoroughbreds end their lives in a slaughter house. This, after some of these animals have earned their connections millions of dollars in purse money.

        Where do you start, to fix all this?

        How do you reform these criminals, who are getting rich by presenting a crooked sport, and getting away with it?

        I’m one of the few people, maybe the only one, who posts on this site who actually misses the days spent at the race track betting on horses. I miss the game, I miss the ‘action’ and I miss the social aspect of it. I wish it could be fixed. But it can’t.

        I’m not a hypocrite, and I’m not an animal activist. But as I’ve said before, no sane, moral, ethical, compassionate, normal person can look at the races once they’ve learned what horror goes on behind the scenes. I firmly believe it’s much worse now than it ever was, and I see no signs of it getting better. In fact, it seems to be getting even worse.

        Yes, I left the game for good. I had to, and it’s really tough to even watch the races now, knowing what I know. Change won’t work. As far as ‘alienating the racing public’, well, once the racing public gets a really good look at how they’re being cheated by the industry itself on a daily basis, they will alienate themselves from this game for good.

        Like I did.

        Thanks for listening.

        • But, shouldn’t LIVES of sentient beings, that by the way, are way more gorgeous and awe inspiring,and breathtakingly beautiful than you people supersede your like of socializing at saratoga? How would you feel Joe if tables were turned and a living being was betting on you doing something that had almost 100 percent chance you would not come out of it alive? AND, you were forced to comply , and had zero say? ny racing is nothing compared to Cali, when’s last time ny mattered? Again the innocent lives supersede any flimsy argument. It just does … the Life of a sentient being is > (greater than) socializing for you and your buddies. You have other places to socialize …right? But, horses only have ONE life.

          • Knowing how badly the horses are treated and finding it to be repulsive and morally repugnant isn’t necessarily the same as being an animal activist?
            It’s no secret to some people just how much the industry attempts to hide the abusive practices and killings. Sweeping the horrors under the rug is part of the deception in racing.

          • Bonnie, why on earth are you arguing with me?

            Your argument should be with people who are STILL in the game, not with people, like me, who have left it.

            If you wish to succeed in your goals to eliminate horse racing, you should be glad for people who HAVE left it – for whatever reason – and have no wish to return – like myself.

            “How would you feel Joe, if tables were turned and a living being was betting on you doing something that had almost 100 percent chance you would not come out of it alive? AND, you were forced to comply , and had zero say?”

            -This is science fiction, Bonnie, an analogy with no bearing on realty. Yes, I have come to realize that race horses live an awful life, but frankly, many race track goers have no clue. Yes, the industry does a wonderful job of hiding the daily horror.

            “But, shouldn’t LIVES of sentient beings, that by the way, are way more gorgeous and awe inspiring and breathtakingly beautiful than you people supersede your like of socializing at Saratoga?”

            Well, what does one thing have to do with the other, some may say? Yes, you see most of us race trackers had, and many STILL HAVE no idea whatsoever of the mistreatment of the animals. Also, not all people are animal activists. Some bettors just really don’t care, and while I don’t agree with them, ANY REASON they leave the game is a good one. They left. One less person supporting this industry, is one more goal accomplished.

            Not everyone will become a horse lover, activist, or savior. Jack McDevitt spoke about alienating the racing public. More dangerous, I would say, is alienating your own allies.

            Get rid of the game. For ANY reason, I say. That is your main goal, no?


            • Yes, you are correct …eliminate by any apparatus, because, of being shipped to slaughter houses, and, high death rates …but, it’s also the maiming. It’s a horrific thing to live out your life in constant pain. Glad you’re on the horses side.

  6. I agree, this poor horse was in shear terror and utterly unprepared.
    The trainer, Gustavo Guevara, should lose his license, period.
    Disgraceful exhibition of animal abuse and incompetence.

    • Permanently lose his license, go to jail and permanently be prohibited from coming in contact w any animal or pet.

  7. It’s actually disgusting that ANY of these cornball losers (trainers) are multi millionaires from a racket that kills, maims , and performs disgusting ANIMAL abuse …EVERY damn day of the week. Let me ask everyone .. is this REAL work? Bob and todd pletcher would just be any other old, white haired dude you pass at the gas station …etc. Does what they ‘do’ merit being a fat cat millionaire 🤮🤮? #TheyAreAllScum

    • This is the culture of horseracing: to put the winning of races on a higher priority level than the welfare of the horses. The Hall of Fame trainers have killed lots of horses along the way. They have crippled and maimed lots of horses during their careers of using and abusing horses for dollars. As long as they get some of the horses to win big purses and manipulate the outcome of the wagering payouts as well, as long as they can win big purse money in major races at the world-class level, they’re put on a pedestal within the racing industry. This is horseracing. This is disgusting. This is the culture of this industry.

    • I’ll tell ya, you know who should be making that horse trainer money ? …Philadelphia cops, and all inner city police. They put their lives on the line for us everyday. Nurses, also …are heroes,dealing with patients on a very intense,personal nature everyday. I don’t know too many people would want to do EITHER. Thank god, they ARE there for us all.

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