Sad Life, Terrible Death

In the 7th at Batavia yesterday, says the Gaming Commission, Bloodstockshalltab “took a bad step on the first turn” and suffered a “nonrepairable” leg injury (he broke it), “necessitating euthanasia.” The track, by the way, was termed “rainy and sloppy.” Bloodstock – what a horrible name – was 12 years old. That’s 12 long years of suffering in servitude only to die a painful, terrifying death on the track. That poor boy.


  1. For anyone who has a soul and/or any sense, at all, of humanity —[and those characteristics are often, very sadly, conspicuously lacking in so many folks!!]— this tragic account of this poor boy’s life and death is …………………… *b.e.y.o.n.d.* agonizing, you know.

  2. IF the people who do this to horses had a sudden attack of conscience, they could begin to stop this willful and treacherous exploitation of horses.
    Horses can recognize their people who care about them. They know when their safety is in danger.
    These people who are involved in this egregious cruelty to horses are the human cesspool of horse abusing, doping, killing and racketeering evildoers of society.

    This evildoing must not be financially supported by government subsidies and government-directed benefits including tax write-offs. Make it stop!

  3. BLOCKSTOCKANDTAB is one of the many victims of this vile business, but so are taxpayers and casinos who are forced to financially support it.
    We know that all metrics for standardbred horse racing is down by about 90%, but that lost revenue is being continuously replenished by casino subsidies and/or taxpayers money.
    All of this never ending funding plan is approved and handed out by our elected politicians and that’s where the root of all this evil rests.
    Now there is steeplechase racing front and center on the BH show this week and their guest was multiple racehorse killer KERI BRION who made it clear that there is a large group of pro-horse racing entities that are pushing for parimutual wagering on these races.
    They too want a piece of the never ending subsidies to fund their killing show.
    Like I said, they will be forcing us to sell our underwear to support this it seems.
    She paints the usual delusional picture that the horses are so happy to do those jumps etc., but nowhere during this interview does Ray Paulick or Bloodstock Agent Joe talk about all of the racehorses mangled and killed under her custody to any degree of accuracy.
    What’s going to need to happen is posting a list of politicians who are commited to ending this funding to horse racing and it should be posted for voters.
    Attempting to convince politicians, at this point, is woefully ineffective so VOTING THEM OUT is the only way to go and replacing them with politicians who are commited to ending this seems to be the only route to a more humane economy.

  4. No horse should be expected to suffer and die for the foolish sport of horseracing. the racing of horses must end!

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