2-Year-Old Killed at Los Alamitos

The CHRB has (belatedly it would appear) disclosed the training kill of Alsalam (below) at Los Alamitos Monday. He was two years old and being prepped for his debut.

This is horseracing.

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  1. This doesn’t look like a stock photo I’ve seen before on this website. Is the picture above of ALSALAM?

  2. Well, there is one bit of conceivably good news about Ol’ Doc Allred’s latest killing spree: Los Al Horse Hell is said to be NOT racing this weekend, in anticipation of rain(!). Isn’t that great? I mean, don’t get me wrong, they’ll probably still manage a Training or “Other” death. Or two. But who’d have thought they’d bow to public pressure for even one lousy minute as a result of their usual equine carnage?
    It’s progress, I tell you: LAHH kills (at least) a couple horses each weekend, and now they give themselves a couple days off to regroup.

  3. Killed before he’s even lived. But never mind, his so-called ‘owner’ who loved him like family can just go and collect the insurance money and the slaughterhouse fee and move swiftly onto his next victim…

  4. Alsalam was a gorgeous horse, who deserved love, compassion and understanding (as do all raced horses). Instead, the money-grubbing creeps had a hideous disregard for his life, for a $ 2 bet, and he died.

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